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We were not ready for this… we never are.

Cesar was sold to a breeder 10 years ago. He had everything, the looks, the genes, the purity of lines… He was perfect, so for 10 years Cesar was used in the worst possible way, forced to mate with females in heat and thrown into a dark pit when finished. 4.000 DAYS OF HELL!!

For 10 years Cesar didn´t see the light of the day. For 10 years he never left the basement where he was kept, never walked, never bathed, he was never touched, kept isolated and deprived of all human contact except those rare moments where the breeder would stand by his side watching him mount.


And so it went, time and time again, a never-ending cycle of depravity that ended only yesterday, when Cesar arrived to our hospital.

It´s really difficult to describe Cesar´s condition without having to hold back the tears. What you see is not mud or hair entangled after a walk in the forests… no… Cesar arrived to us completely covered in multiple layers of faeces.

Barely able to stand up, exhausted, dehydrated, unable to drink clean water, eat, without chocking in his own faeces-covered hair.


We couldn´t believe his condition… The first thing we´ve done was to draw blood and run a full hemogram, biochemistry, we looked for bacterial infections. Disaster. He wasn´t only kept in atrocious conditions, they also let fleas and ticks feast on him. Cesar has not only a terrible anemia, he also has Ehrlichiosis, a disease transmitted by thousands of tick bites.


Right now Cesar is too weak to even walk… he´s barely eating, we must feed him with an injector… We are going to do everything, absolutely everything to save his life and offer him all those things he never had… We are finishing the year as we started it… saving the lives of the innocent… 


CESAR´S treatment has just begun. We are treating his anemia and Ehrlichia… he has a urine infection and his entire mouth is putrid and covered in ulcers… but while his treatment progresses, we needed to do something very important…






After his treatment, CESAR is going to need an amazing home, a home that will love him and cherish him forever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow Cesar´s updates and follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Viktor How do you know this for sure? unless someone told you the dog was kept that way, I can’t be sure any of this is true. I also am not sure the dog felt it was hell to be bred a lot. However I can see a lot of neglect in his case. But while I donate to you often ( and will continue to when I can) I hate to see these kind of things aimed at a breeder. a real breeder would never allow this to happen, ever!

    • This dog probably came from a puppy mill who are also called “breeders”. When he was no longer “useful” the dogs are “thrown away.” Viktor you can make this dog’s life worthwhile again by savings his life!

    • I’ve seen ALOT of “Breeder” kept dogs, and this happens ALOT! They’re only interested in the money generated from the off-spring. I also have friends that show dogs in AKC here in the US, and I’ve been told atrocious stories.
      Great Job, Viktor, Love you and your Team BUNCHES!!! Keep up the great work!

    • Laura, its obvious that he is a puppy mill dog. Until people stop buying from back yards and puppy mill breeders, this is the reality. There are 1000s of Cesars out there. Not all breeders are honest and caring. I rather think that those are the minority and breeders like Cesars are the majority.

      • I know this is the sad truth, But you know as far back as 1968 I was helping rescue dogs from puppy mills and yet a person I know who should have known better this year bought a puppy from a pet store as they just couldn’t resist! How do you fight that? human emotion is just to hard to fight!

    • There shouldnt even BE breeders! They bring more lives into this world & therefore are the cause of MILLIONS of deaths of innocent lives. You are defending breeders, so you must be one yourself?? Breeders need to get jobs & quit making their money off of animals! Breeders are one of the biggest problems we have!

    • Laura, the difference between a real breeder and an unreal breeder seems to be really thin nowadays…
      This is a licensed breeder whose business seems to be failing and this is the result. We are having to rescue ALL of them..
      Expect to see a lot of Yorkies in our page in coming days :-(

  • I am so heartbroken over this poor baby, so sad. I am blown away every time I see a new email. So much pain. I hope to live to see the day this does not happen anymore. I really do.

  • OMG, this is awful, little Cesar had a horrible life for 10 long years due to this dog-seller (not breeder!); please help him Victor, I am sending a donation right now; help him find a loving family for the rest of his life; when I think of all the money the guy made thanks to him, I could just kill this lousy breeder

  • Thank you Viktor for giving us a good story to go into the new year with. Please go on with your work and use my monthly donation towards Cesar’s treatment. Bless you and God
    keep you. Have a wonderful 2016.

  • this is just breaking my heart..It is horrible to think that this little guy spent the majority of his life in a cage without the love he deserves.

    • I have rescued worse and not just from puppy mills. Some cover in feces, mats, dirt and filth. And then to find cigarette burns to their flesh ect… Cesar deserves the best home. and revisits along the way. I pray for him.

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