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Please look at her eyes… We have no idea who did this to her, but it´s hard to even imagine how she felt while they held her and set her on fire.

Yoko has just arrived, unable to stand up, the smallest movement makes her cry uncontrollably. 30% of her body presents third degree burns. Her entire back is a bleeding swollen mass of muscles and dead tissue. 


She suffers in agony with every breath she takes.

I cannot begin to tell you how complicated its going to be to save Yoko´s live, but we are going to do absolutely everything for her.


This is a terrible case of animal cruelty but I ask you not to stop here and focus instead in her process of recovery. YOKO is going to need as much help as we can give her, so that she doesn´t become just another victim of man, but a shinning example of how a group of people rallied together and saved a life.  



Yoko is at our Intensive Care Unit fighting for her life. The next few days are going to be critical!!!…


After her treatment Yoko is going to need an amazing home, a home that will love her and cherish her for ever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Visit our Facebook Page and follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • This is the work of a true monster. I´m ashamed to be a human being.
    Yoko has a long way ahead of her, but I´m sure, with our help, she will make it.
    I´m donating $75 towards her treatment. Please give us a shout if you need more help further down the line.
    Be strong Yoko, we are with you!

    • I HATE seeing this kind of cruelty But what I do not understand is you say “They did this” How about someone doing something to all these “They’s”
      If you know who They are what is being done to these people??

      • Laura… I have no idea who it was… I assume it was a human being, and probably more than one usually those people never act alone, so I wrote THEY.. .

  • I am so sorry you had to meet the devil Yoko, yet again, I am appalled to be human, perhaps it was not hua human that hurt you perhaps we have people from out in space that come down just to hurt our beautiful creatures. bless you darling I hope viktor can help you.xxxxx

  • I’m so appalled with whoever did this, I can’t even find the words to express the extent of my rage right now…Of course I’ll donate; my prayer is that she doesn’t get an infection from this horrible ordeal. I’m so glad she is in your and your team’s hands right now – she’s in the safest place on earth. God bless you all.

  • I just…I cannot comprehend why someone would feel the need to do this? And what truly frightens me is that, whilst I am still horrified by it, I’m no longer surprised by it. Please do your best to save her, I have donated what I can. If possible, please give her a loving pat on the head from me. I’m crying just watching this. Her sweet nature, and the fact that she still trusts humans makes this even worse.

  • My heart breaks EVERY TIME. …may the road to recovery be swift and your pain minamal, and may the hands of your caregivers be gentle and loving..lastly may you never see evil again and a furever home that loves you to the moon and back…God bless all the rescuers and you little Yoko.

  • Every breath Yoko took hurt me too, hopefully Karma will come swiftly for whoever did this to her! She is in the best hands now and she will have a most loving family when she gets through this. Heal fast Yoko and be strong!

  • Siento una inmensa tristeza y no puedo dejar de llorar de solo pensar en el dolor tan grande por el que está pasando este dulce Yoko…
    Por favor Yoko perdona a los humanos, ya veras que no todos somos malos, también hay personas buenas como los doctores que te estan ayudando y todos los que te mandamos nuestros mejores deseos para que pronto estés sano, jugando y corriendo como siempre tiene que ser… Sé valiente querido Yoko y verás que pronto serás un perrito feliz…

    Gracias Dr. Viktor y a todo su fantástico equipo… los admiro muchísimo por esa titánica labor de salvar a todos esos seres inocentes que caen en manos de gente desalmada y ruín…
    Dios los bendiga por siempre!!!

  • Donated. Victor how do you decide when the injuries are so appalling the dog or cat should not suffer anymore.. This and all your examples are heartbreaking. Keep up the good work. X

    • I can’t believe that someone would do this to any animal. They are sick, sick, sick. It makes my blood boil to see this sort of animal cruelty. The look in Yoko’s eyes say it all. Thank you so much for helping these extreme cruelty cases. Keep up the good work and I hope she pulls through.

    • Zoe Taylor from what I have seen of this rescue’s work, they never give up on an animal unless there is absolutely no hope of life. So far the only dog I’ve seen them euthanize is Ava and that’s because she had a huge inoperable tumor on her face that would only continue to grow larger and she would suffer an agonizing death. But this dog Yoko healed and got a forever home. They will never give up on a sick or injured dog that they can help treat the injuries or heal the illnesses.

  • Oh my God, this is awful. I am in tears watching this. She reminds me of my sweet little girl Lucy who I lost to cancer almost 2 years ago. This poor little girl has suffered so much. I will never understand how anyone could be so cruel to to something like this. Thank you for helping her and giving her a chance to recover and be free of pain and have a life and a family that she deserves. No creature should have to suffer as she has. I will do what I can to help. I can’t afford much right now, but she deserves a chance. Please keep us updated Viktor on her recovery and her progress. I will pray for her and keep her in my thoughts.

    • This is horrible !! Just can’t believe that anyone can do such an awful thing. I’m ashamed to be part of the human race !!Sorry to say this is a monster that did this. Will donate what I can at this time of the year.
      Thank you “team” for all the care you are giving this adorable dog. May God bless you all.
      Love to Yoko my thoughts are with you until I hear from Victor that you are well again and ready to
      go to a forever loving home.

  • I send a cheque to Amsterdam.For Yoko.Because Canada is not on your donation list.
    So I had no choice. All the best. with Yoko. God Bless the angels who are taking care

  • Oh, this is appalling cruelty at its worst. How anyone could do this, and to such a sweet, endearing little dog, is almost incomprehensible. Such cruelty is truly beyond evil and anyone capable of such terrible acts can have no heart or soul. I cried so much watching this clip of Yoko but was also amazed at her calmness and resilience, despite the pain she must be in from such terrible burns. She clearly did know you were all there helping her and doing whatever you can to try to help her heal and recover. She’s an amazing little dog and I hope to god she will survive this and get a loving home when she’s better. I’m donating something for her care. Please keep us updated on her progress!

  • Looks so bad, like something melted onto her. I am heartbroken. I give what I can I hope it helps a little. I am also appalled with the human race. Thank you Viktor, all my love

  • If these bad people would have this happen to them how would they feel. Believe me they deserve it. How sick. That they would even something like this to such a helpless animal is just disgusting. May something bad happen to them.

  • Just donated for Yoko…words cannot describe what I feel seeing him like this….please save him :( cant believe what kind of person can do this!!

  • Il me rappel un chien que j’ai tant aimé TIDUS et qu’il est décédé le 1 janvier.dont je me souvient plus de l’année . et c’est là que j’ai découvert le site. Je vous aie envoyé un don et j’espère que vous aller le sauver. Je sais que qu’il faut être très minutieux dans les traitements et il est tellement beau ce chien aussi une création de DIEU qui lui a donné la grâce de L’AMOUR. S.V.P. Sauvez le .
    Reconnaissance et gratitude envers vous.
    Merci à toute l’Equipe

  • I hope karma gets the “people” that hurt poor Yoko. Blessings on everyone who is helping to save her! She is such a sweet dog. Anyone who looks at the video can see that. She still trusts humans to help her. Someone is going to be very, very lucky to adopt her forever.

  • Dear Viktor:

    Happy New Year and congratulations on keeping your mission going!!!

    I just gave $6.00 US. to help defray Yoko’s expenses: burns are some of the most wicked imaginable injuries. I most definitely pray and hope her recovery will be complete and swift. God Bless you and your work!!!!

  • Hola Viktor,
    He donado 40€. Me gustaría que me confirmaras que os llega el dinero. No es mucho, pero puedo hacer más otro meses.
    Gracias por luchar como lo haces.

    • Hola Ivan… muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda. Imagino que te ha llegado un recibo… Muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda, gracias de corazón.

      Un abrazo

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