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Beaten up and left for dead in a ditch… Khan is paralysed!!!


The cowards took him to the fields under the cover of the night… they walked him away from any road or place where they could see him. Once they arrived to a calm and hidden place they beat him up, hard, very hard, breaking multiple ribs and damaging the lungs. He must have tried to turn around and escape but he couldn´t.

After what must have felt like an eternity, Khan was thrown next to a creek, he tried to crawl out of there but he couldn´t… he was paralysed, barely able to breath. Finally, they left him for dead.


We do not know how long he spent out there, but had he been there just a few more hours he would have died of exposure.

Khan has been rushed to our clinic and placed at the Intensive Care Unit while we perform all tests necessary to reach a final diagnosis. We are trying to make his breathing easier. He has pneumotorax there is air in his chest, which compresses the heart.


His blood test is appalling. He has Anemia and Ehrlichia… Tomorrow we will perform a CT Scan to fully understand the damage caused to his spine… And while going through all of this… LOOK AT HIM… LOOK WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY CHARACTER, HE STILL TRIES TO WAG HIS TAIL!!

Khan is at our Intensive Care Unit, with one of the world´s best veterinary teams at his side. We promise you we are going to do everything, absolutely everything to save him… Violence and abuse have left Khan at death´s door… Love and the best veterinary medecine will save him.

He doesn´t deserve to die like this… Please Help us Save him…


After his treatment Khan is going to need an amazing home, a home that will love him and cherish him for ever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

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  • I so wish I could take him – he is so beautiful. But i can barely afford to look after my own 6 big dogs!! I will send a little donation at the end of the month (to be used for him or for another needy animal). I so hope you will be able to save him. He deserves all the love in the world (as they all do, of course!) Thank you again for doing so much.

  • Dear Viktor, Poor Khan! I think he was someone dog that got lost. I could see the love on his eyes and he is a very sweet boy. I hope he could be able to walk again and be loved. I will make a donation tomorrow Friday! for him. I know, that you are angel send to them. I will continued to make donation for all of this angels.

  • I am reduced to tears. I could not give much but I have donated some money to try and contribute to his recovery. Thank you for your work, Viktor, you are an angel

  • Since I grew up with and lived with almost my entire life with Deutsch drahthaar, seeing him really hits me hard!! I wish I could do more than donating. Is he really paralysed? He can wag his tale,?! How old is he?
    I hope and pray for him! Thanks so much for your work!!!

    • Dearest Marion… thanks for your note.. have you seen Khan´s latests updates on FB?
      I will write to you this evening.. please bear with me..

  • This is so sad. How can people do so terrible things to such a loving animal? Where did this happen? I have donated to help save Khan!

  • Victor, and your Vet. Team, – Thank you so much for having rescued KHAN , for giving him love and attention, and, ….for doing all what’s possible, to save his life, to be able to walk again !!!! …I’m wishing all the best for this poor guy !!! And I’m feeling so sad, for not being able for making a donation …..Wishing I could….I promise, I’m going to check out, right now, all of my accounts . ….

  • Viktor, I finally donated for Khan! I hope he gets well and recuperate. Please keep us informed for his rehabilitation. Take good care of him! God bless You!

  • Where is this baby located and does he have a home to go to? I am not rich…..I do not have extra money, but I have two dogs who are spoiled, get best of care and we just lost a Cocker spaniel last wk, our hearts are still on the mend.

  • Poor baby. Such a sweet soul. I wish i could help him but we are so strapped right now. My heart aches and goes out to tht precious sweet boy! Prayers and good thoughts for him.

  • Merci pour tout ce que vous faites vous etes extraordinaire ! Ce pauvre petit j’en ai honte d’appartenir à la race humaine! Donnez nous vite de ces nouvelles .

  • Thank you and God bless you and your team for caring for this precious baby. Praying you can indeed help this poor baby.

  • el link a FB del estado de Khan no funciona! como está !?
    una cosa tan buena como este perro que es capaz después de recibir semejante paliza de seguir respondiendo a los humanos con su cola alegre, no merece estar así.
    un saludo y gracias por vuestra labor enorme!!

    • Dearest Shelley, I have just seen your message here… Could you please drop me an email on v.larkhill@gmail.com ? Khan has already been adopted but let´s walk you through our adoption screening procedure..
      Waiting to hear from you.
      Love, Viktor

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