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DIANA was used, abused, and abandoned with a terrible injury. HELP US SAVE HER!


Spanish podencos are, without a doubt, one of the world´s most abused breeds. They are used during the Spanish hunting season, kept in inhuman conditions and discarded once they stopped being useful. A sturdy breed, gifted with strong genetics that make them incredibly resistant to effort and physical abuse…

Still… it is very rare to meet an old podenco…. the majority of them are killed, hanged from threes, shot in the head and left to die on the fields… When it comes to podencos, we´ve seen it all..


Diana is a podenco, and one of the rare ones that has survived to old age. Maybe her owner didn´t share the bloodlust of most of her colleages, maybe he couldn´t afford a new dog every season. The fact is, Diana spent her life living in a dirty hole, forced to eat garbage and her own excrements, until the day her owner decided to get rid of her and dumped her on the fields.


Diana has arrived to us completely emaciated and showing signs of never having seen a vet in her entire life. Her blood is as thin as water, her entire body is covered in little scars and many old fractures forced to heal by themselves. And then it´s her eye, totally damaged by traumatic force… PLEASE WATCH HER RESCUE VIDEO… 


Diana is hospitalized while we work on improving her blood levels. The moment she is stable enough she will have to be operated, and for this, we need you..

Please, look at her eyes… Please, if you can, help us save Diana´s life…


After her treatment is over DIANA IS GOING TO NEED AN AMAZING HOME, a home that will love her and cherish her forever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

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  • I will pray for her recovery and that someone will give her a loving home and take extremely good care of her. It makes me extremely angry about how she was treated. That poor baby didn’t deserve that. She deserves to be loved and cared for as we do. The person that did that needs to be punished and thrown in prison for the way she has been abused.

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