Month: November 2015

Extreme Rescue Dogs, Eye Surgery

DIANA was used, abused, and abandoned with a terrible injury. HELP US SAVE HER!


Spanish podencos are, without a doubt, one of the world´s most abused breeds. They are used during the Spanish hunting season, kept in inhuman conditions and discarded once they stopped being useful. A sturdy breed, gifted with strong genetics that make them incredibly resistant to effort and physical abuse… Still… it is very rare to meet

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Extreme Rescue Dogs, Soft Tissue Surgery, Uncategorized

Tango fights for his life after having fireworks taped to him and set alight. Help us save him!


Tango is the softest, kindest and friendliest dog. He approached the thugs with the widest smile, asking for food, and maybe a little play. But instead of caresses and a soft touch Tango received something else entirely. Those people tied fireworks to the base of his tail and set them alight. They used fireworks on him.

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