Extreme Rescue Dogs, Trauma surgery

They hit him and drove away with the dog trapped under the car!!!!


James has the kind and gentle manners of a dog that has lived all his life in a home… until the day they abandoned him by the side of the road, in the probable hope that the speeding traffic would take care of the problem.

The first car met him at a roundabout and narrowly missed him, by the time they stopped to see if they could rescue him it was too late, he had already been hit by a car and was dragged under the engine until someone stopped them and alerted them that there was a dog trapped under the vehicle!

When they finally stopped, the car had to be lifted for him to be freed. It required three people to get him from under the engine!


James was badly injured, a very nasty cut on the face, a fractured leg / scapula and multiple abrasions on his body… animal control was called and he was collected. James was taken to a Municipal Kill Station to be killed.

James stood no chance in that pound. No one would have paid any attention to a badly injured dog… he would have been killed outright. We had to get our contacts moving to get him out of there and rush him to our hospital…


James presents with multiple fractures and wounds, on the face, the leg, the shoulder, as well as pneumothorax, internal bleeding compressing heart and lungs… Tomorrow we will be doing a CT Scan, evaluate them fully and operate them right away before it´s too late. We are specially concerned about the neurological deficit on his front left leg.

This is James´s rescue video… he´s the kindest and most balanced dog we´ve ever rescued… and he´s broken… and he needs help… PLEASE WATCH…

You are part of the most extraordinary Rescue Group. We are Extreme Rescue and we are here to save Jame´s life.

Please Help us Save James….


P.S. After his surgery and rehabilitation James is going to need an amazing home where he can have the life he never had. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Dear Viktor,
    I have been watching your efforts since the very early days. It only took me a few weeks of watching your work to start donating to your rescues, and I never stopped. I used to donate to PETA but the moment I learned the truth about their stance on shelters I cancelled my donations to them. I continue supporting Best Friends, but no rescue inspires me as much as you do.
    How many lives have you saved? I´m convinced this is only the beginning. Please don´t ever stop.
    I´m donating 40 USD to James. Get that CT Scan done, operate that shoulder, make him whole again!

    • Nicholas Hi – I’m currently donating to PETA as well. What did you mean about their stance on Shelters, from what I read, they also do good work?
      Anyhow, I’m going to match your donation, lets get this started and help Viktor get the beautiful James on the road to recovery :-)

  • Poor James..he doesn’t know it (or maybe he does) but he is in the greatest hands…donating small amount for James..please keep us posted on him and your recent cases…and thank you.

  • Poor adorable James! Hope he can find a forever home that appreciate his loyalty and courage , able to give him the Love he deserves

  • It seems that every furbaby, as well as the people who comment, have nothing bit the highest level of regard and praise for what you’re doing…keep helping the animals, and get James up and running…his eyes are saying ‘thank you’ for your rescuing him and starting to make him whole again…Thanks to you, a lot of animals are surviving…Prayers to You…


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