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Help us save Baby Julia: She is just four months old. She is too young to die!


It´s nearly impossible to comprehend the callousness and cowardice of the people that did this to her, so we won´t really try. Instead we are going to focus in turning their actions around.

Her family abandoned Julia in a remote location, far away from everything, hoping that she would never survive. They nearly succeeded.


She has just begun her steps into this world. This is time time when she should has just been playing with her siblings and start her life with a human family…

Instead, Julia, just a baby, fights to live another day.

Please WATCH HER VIDEO AND ASK YOURSELF… Does a 4 month old puppy deserve THIS??

Just a quick glimpse to her is enough to make you understand her appalling condition of abandonment and neglect. Her skin has been ravaged by mange and her blood has been poisoned by the infected bites of a thousand flies and ticks. She is dehydrated and in shock, unable to take more than a few steps without collapsing.

Julia is in our Intensive Care Unit, and today, she needs our help.  Julia needs a miracle. Be the miracle.

Please Help us save Julia´s life todayIT HAS TO BE US, BECAUSE NOONE ELSE WILL CARE…


Many thanks!!!



After her treatment is over Baby Julia is going to need an amazing home, a new beginning in life. Please write to me on if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Visit out Facebook Page and follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • This is devastating. She looks like a baby seal! Her skin is so raw!
    She must have suffered so much in her short life.
    I know every little counts for Julia and your rescues. Donating 50 to Julia!
    Please never stop doing what you do.

  • Awwwww poor little baby! WhIch country did this happen? Who found her? What a tragic start to her life . Donated & shared. This makes me so sad that people could treat a defenceless pup like that! Keep up the fab work Viktor & team Let’s Adopt International!

  • How could anyone do this to a little baby.. they are totally rotten to there core. We all know that your team will do everything to save this little girl. We all look forward to seeing her in the coming weeks with a big smile on her little face. My heart is heavy now. I pray she has been bathed in the special shampoo and that she is sleeping and feeling LOVE…

  • I know that not all humans are cruel, but sometimes, when u see a baby in this condition, it breaks your heart, and your faith in humanity. Stay strong little Julia, you’re safe now, only good things in your future. Your abusers will face judgement one day, but until then, the handful of caring people in this cruel, cruel world will protect you. God bless you Viktor, and your team, all the way from South Africa, where cruelty knows no bounds

  • Yes, she is definitely too young to die! Such a sweet baby.
    I have often thought about the former owners who dumped and abandoned their pet to die alone. What would they think or say if seeing Victor’s video and then knowing that foreign people from different countries are rushing to help their unwanted pet to get well. I would be utterly ashamed!!
    My little donation is on it’s way to help this adorable little baby.

  • Thank you for all that you do to save these poor animals!! I know my donations will go to the proper treatment for these poor creatures!!! If you ever need a foster home in Indiana…let me know!!!!

  • Hello victor
    I will be donating for this poor baby and thank you so so much for helping her
    How are Oscar and Helen doing ? Where are they now ? Is there a update video ?
    Kindest regards

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