EMERGENCY!!! Sarah: Some coward hit and run over her, now she fights for her life



We received an urgent plea for help, and a picture. Laying on the highway, the still body of a beautiful german shepherd, in shock, unable to move. People were asking for help, the dog was in shock in the road and needed urgent help.


We asked them to put her in the car and rush to our hospital.

Sarah arrived an hour later in a complete state of shock, and this video is going to take you here with us… I couldn´t possibly get you nearer to Sarah, and to us.

We have spent most of the day treating Sarah, performing all kinds of tests, making sure we understand the extent of her injuries. Sarah has multiple traumas, double fracture on the hip, the TAC scan shows intra-medullar damage and she is bleeding internally.

We are working hard to stabilise her and operate her broken back. We are aiming to operate her in the next 48 hours, and for this, we need you.

Please look at her eyes… take pity on her… PLEASE HELP US SAVE HER…


P.S. After her surgery and rehabilitation is over Sarah is going to need an amazing home, a new beginning in life. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Visit out Facebook Page and follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • This is absolutely appalling. What kind of people hit an animal like Sarah and don´t even stop? What do they think happens next? Do they think the animal just walks home? Or do they suspect he´s usually being shred to pieces in the highways?
    I´ve donated to you several times Viktor, and each and every single time you have shown to go beyond the call of duty for our rescues.
    Donating 40 USD for Sarah!

  • oh my gosh, what a beautiful girl, I am so moved by your hard work with all these poor animals. You really make a difference and one day I hope to see thousands of comments on your page. People need to know you and all this “goodness” you are doing. I have nothing but LOVE for all of you !!!

  • Again human kind has demonstrated their total arrogance in the world. Thank God for you and your team Viktor. Donated and shared. I hope Sarah makes it. I’m sure she will in your capable hands. Thank you again for being there.
    Best wishes and love to all the team and Sarah of course.

  • Viktor Larkhill you’re the most amazing man and have the most incredible team of people working with you. Sarah is in safe hands and as with every animal you post about I have donated $15 to help fight for her life. Thank you too to all the other supporters on here. You’re also amazing. x

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