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If you read our regularly you have seen it all by now. The whole gamut of human cruelty it´s here. Cruelty to dogs, cats… cruelty to lions. Cat´s dogs thrown out of balconies, set alight on fire, run over by cars… by know we´ve seen it all.

Time and time again what surprises most is the victims. We see kind, gentle animals reaching out to us and accepting all the help we give them. When they enter our hospital they leave their fears behind, because they know they are being helped.


People saw Gentle Freddy being thrown out of a moving car in front of the parking lot of the hospital. Then, those same people saw Freddy slowly walk towards the hospital entrance, just in time for someone to
come out and grab him.

First thing we noticed was that Freddy was limping heavily… we took him in for a quick set of Xrays…. Please have a look.. this is the condition of Freddy´s knee. IMAGINE THE PAIN!!!


What you are about to see is the arrival to Freddy to our hospital. Please pay attention to his character, because we´ve never seen a cat like him.



We can´t let this incredibly gentle cat continue living his life in pain… Freddy needs surgery and it´s a complex one. It´s called knee arthrodesis, and the aim is to completely immobilise the joint, keeping the knee locked in a position that allows him to continue using his leg.

We know how painful knee issues are, and we don´t want Freddy to suffer any longer. We want to operate Freddy tomorrow, but for this WE NEED YOU. 

Help us turn around the life of this beautiful and kind cat… Please help us save him…

P.S. After her treatment, Freddy is going to need an amazing home where he can have the life he never had.  Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


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