Extreme Rescue Dogs, Soft Tissue Surgery



Lina has spent her entire life living in a garbage dumping ground. She was dumped there as a baby, she´s been alone all her life. Keeping away from the bigger dogs, being friendly to people that would occasionally feed her.

This morning one of those people noticed she was laying unable to move, in obvious pain. This morning, for once in her life, someone took pity on her.

She arrived to the hospital in a terrible condition. Our team immediately gave her fluids and performed an ultrasound on her.



Lina has PYOMETRA… a massive infection of the uterus. Deadly. Her only chance is URGENT SURGERY.

We are aiming to operate her tomorrow first thing in the morning. This will give us precious hours both to improve her blood chemistry as well as to raise the necessary funds for her surgery.

Please LOOK AT THIS VIDEO… it´s impossible not to be moved… Lina is the most adorable dog, and she will die, unless we help her….



Lina is in desperate need of help, and we need to do it TODAY...  PLEASE HELP US SAVE HER… 


Many thanks!



P.S. After her surgery Lina is going to need an amazing home where she can have the life she never had. This is going to be her one and only chance… Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. JOIN US, Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • So sweet and shaking. Fear of the unknown? Help her as you always do and I will donate. Such a lucky doggie to be finally found. Bless you and your wife and daughters are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘saw them on Facebook. Faith ”””””””””””’USA

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