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After making sure her baby was rescued, the mother went to a corner to die



A week ago, the world met Oscar, a dog whose condition was unlike anything we had ever seen. His face spoke of neglect and abandonment and it shocked us all. How could have Oscar survived so long on his own?

Oscar wasn´t alone on that site. His mother laid right beside him, exhausted, emaciated, close to death. During their long ordeal, they had been giving each other strength to survive. 



It was a difficult, tense moment. A sudden movement could have triggered panic and they would have escaped. But the mother did something beautiful… Patiently, she remained still and calm while we won the trust of her son.  Used to unspeakable abuse she must have been terrified at the strangers, but deep inside, but she must have felt that somehow, that rescuer was her son´s only chance.

And so, she didn´t move an inch while we gained the trust of her son. Only when Oscar was in safe hands, she jumped out and ran away. She had sacrificed her life to save her baby.

While we drove to the hospital we promised to her, and to ourselves, that we would not leave her behind… we promised her that we would save her beautiful son and we would return to find her.


What you are about to see is the fulfilment of a beautiful promise….


Helen is now in Intensive care. Her condition is as bad, if not worst, as her son´s. Helen is completely emaciated and dehydrated, barely alive.

Her blood poisoned by Leishmania, Ehrlichia and anaplasma, as her son was. Her kidneys are barely functioning. On her own, she would have never recovered. After fleeing the scene, she had gone to a corner to die.

We are going to do everything within our power to save her but for this, we need you. After we stabilise her Helen will meet her son again. We know this will help them both.

We can do this. Please Help us Save this beautiful mother. HELP US SAVE HELEN.  Please DONATE towards Helen´s treatment and care…


After his treatment is over Helen is going to need an amazing home where she can have the dream life, the life she was born to live. Please write to me on if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Dear Viktor,
    This has to be the saddest story I have ever heard.
    I´ve never seen a dog in this state, and in this case, TWO!
    I donated 40 to Oscar, I´m sending the same amount to his mother.
    Bravest dogs I´ve ever seen!

  • Hi Viktor
    Have just donated for Helen as I donated for Oscar. This is heartbreaking to see. The fact is we live in such a cruel world – if only people’s attitude to our furriends and all animals could change, the world would be a truly better place for all of us to live in. Animals teach us compassion, something that a lot of people seem to lack nowadays. Hope you can save both mother and son. Thanks you for your kindness, and keep up the excellent work that you do.

  • Donated, $50. These 2 beautiful souls, are in the best place possible. Am praying, their treatment isn’t too late. This video, is truly gut wrenching, and heartbreaking. Thank-you Viktor, and Extreme Rescue, you are awesome, and compassionate people. Blessings, and prayers for Helen, and Oscar. I can’t imagine the agony they are going thru.

  • I cried again when seeing the health state of Oscar’s mother, Helen, as I did with Oscar. I am so happy you found her and are trying to cure her. I donated 25 $ to Oscar and his mother will get 30 $ I wish I could give more, but my income is very poor being a pensioner far away in Finland! Thank you so much for all your efforts with these two. <3

  • You went back and got her! Thank you. This is the saddest story I have seen. How is the baby doing? Did mama get to see her baby yet? I will donate for the mama too on Friday. Thanks to all of you for having the heart to rescue these poor babies.

  • I will donate some more. I was hoping mum and son could stay together when adopted because they have been through so much together… it would be nice if they could continue their lives together.

  • donating..if anyone can save her and her son, it’s you and your staff..please keep us updated. we want to see the reunion of her and her son..that will be awesome…bless this mama..she is beautiful.

  • I am so sorry for these two poor souls. Even in the worst scenario , if Helen can’t make it, I hope you will manage to make her meet her son. It will give her a lot of peace and joy.
    We are very sorry that we can’t donate now. Our cats are in need of very expensive therapies: we have just spent £260 (around $400). It’s expensive but they fully deserve it, I would do anything for them.
    My thoughts and love go to Helen and Oscar, that they can both make a full recovery and maybe be adopted together. Wonderful that you found her. wonderful work you do. Thank you so much.

  • I can honestly say that you and your Rescue , and others similar all over the world , are for me the only thing that saves the human race from condemnation for barbarism .
    Giving thanks always for your existence and the wonderful caring commitment of everyone in your group .
    My family (artists)are clawing our way out of a financial pit caused by someone – too complicated ! But we are sincerely hoping to be in a position to recommence donations before the end of the year.
    For now many many prayers and all my love are going to these beautiful Souls who deserve so much and have until now received so little XXXXXX

  • I’ve donated for Amy. I’ll do now for these brave dogs.
    The saddest story I’ve ever heard. But this is the way most Spaniards treat animals.

  • he aportado mi granito de arena desde españa. Dios mio se me ha encojido el corazon amo a los animales y meduele tanto ver esto,, gracias angeles por eso es lo.que soys angeles para ellos.
    Queria preguntar como puedo seguir enterandome de su estado que espero y sea que salgan adelante los.dos …
    Besos y abrazos soys los mejores

  • Again such neglect. You made me cry and wish for these beautiful souls to be well and reunited. To see that not all humans are evil. Thank you once again Viktor and your wonderful team. Monthly donation made.
    Best wishes to all your animals and team workers.

  • God bless you and thanks for all that you do! Stories such as these make me so sad but it’s a blessing to know that you are out there working hard for these little ones to have a better life! I will make a donation this month.

  • Hi Viktor,
    Thanks for you And your teams fantastic work !
    I just donated a little more to Oskar And Helen.
    Love from France

    • Hi Isabel… they were reunited and they spent their recovery period together. Now they are being rehomed separately to take into account their different characters and levels of energy and needs…

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