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Unspeakable cruelty… Carolina gave up on life and prepared to die



My phone suddenly started buzzing.. people from all over the country were asking for help for a dog in a completely desperate situation. This is what the text said:

“Her body has given up. She is on the streets and needs help. Her paws are burned from so much walking on boiling hot asphalt. She is dying out of sadness and pain. If anyone can open her home to her, please contact: xxxxx”

The pictures were too painful to watch. After years of rescuing I can tell when a dog has given up, and this was one of such cases. Someone had seen her in that condition, snapped a few pictures and left her on the streets.



We immediately organised rescue and sent one of our volunteers to pick her up and rushed her to the hospital.

We have called her Caroline. A beautiful name that we hope will carry her to places.

Caroline is now in the Intensive Care Unit. Her blood levels are terrible. Who knows when she last ate. She is completely dehydrated and anemic. Among a myriad of small things she has erlichia and anaplasma, two diseases caused by parasites. Carolina´s death would have been a slow and painful one.


And her paws… what can I tell you about those paws… who knows how long she has walked on the boiling hot asphalt, looking for somewhere to rest, a place to hide.

Caroline is hospitalized and in desperately need of help. Right now there is no way of knowing how long she will remain in Intensive Care.

Caroline fought till the end.. she gave it all to stay alive… She need us… Please, help us save her, please DONATE TOWARDS HER HOSPITALISATION AND TREATMENT.


After her treatment is over Caroline is going to need an amazing home where she can have the dream life, the life she was born to live. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • This is heartbreaking. I would have reacted in the same way you did.
    I´m very sorry you have to see the things you see daily but on the other hand I am very glad you exist and I´m honoured to be able to be part of this incredible rescue.
    Donating to help Caroline and your other rescues. Please continue inspiring us.

  • They keep coming in having been badly let down by the people who should love them the way they love them back unconditionally. But no, they’re tossed out like rubbish to die a slow and painful death.
    This is when the hero that is Viktor Larkhill comes to the rescue. He and a team of vets and carers save these poor babies from certain death. They also ensure that when they recover they find a forever loving home.
    Carolina I wish you a speedy recovery, and a quick transition to your new forever loving home. Good luck little one.

  • What a heartbreaking story. So sad! Thank goodness Let’s Adopt International team was there to save this poor little lady awwwww! Donated & shared. Thank you Viktor x

    • Dear Catherine, sorry for my late reply.
      We have very few but very clear adoption conditions…
      1. The family MUST have another animal
      2. Carolina will live inside the home, not as a guard dog, working dog, nothing like that, family life only
      3. Carolina will be fed a species appropriate diet, that is, a carnivore diet.
      4. No-smoking homes.

      The implementation of those rules has ensured us a success rate above rescue average.

      Regarding transport, we take care of all logistics and cover all costs. Adoptant families don´t have to pay anything to cover the cost of transport. Our animals are flown by our flight volunteers, they always travel accompanied by one of us.

      We don´t have adoption fees. If we consider the family as the perfect one we deliver the animal to their home ourselves, no funds requested, all expenses are covered by our community.

      Many thanks for your offer of help.


      • Viktor,

        What then of those like me that had animals, but died? My last one was a rescued female Podenco I found hunting mushrooms. She was living in the forest quite time then. Surprisingly, she followed me to my car…and my home. I gave her the best last 5 years of her life, as my dearest princess. Even with treatment to lehismania. She died in my arms. Vets considered then to have more or less 17 yrs. That was two years ago.
        And because of not having a dog now, I’m not an addopting candidate?

  • Bless this beautiful girl, I can’t get my head round the fact people walked past this beautiful girl. She looks so like a saluki, I expect my mum will fall in love with her as my mum has a 15 year old saluki. I will show my mum the video of this beautiful girl

  • Carolina too sweet to be ignore.. I will make a small donation. please keep up the good work we are rooting for you and always willing to chip in for your organization .
    Thank you for all you do Viktor

  • I’m still not sure when I’ll be in a position to donate again , but in every other way I am 100% with you all in your wonderful dedicated work .
    Caroline is superbly beautiful and I’m sure there will be many wanting to give her the home she deserves .As usual I’m sending you all my prayers , love and good wishes for her swift recovery . Feel confident now she is safely with you . Always in my thoughts XXXXXX

  • Sweet Caroline. Do your best Viktor. She is going to be a beauty. Small donation at the end of the week. Still haven’t won that lottery :-(

  • I have sent a small donation for this beautiful girl. She reminds me so much of one of my own dogs, breaks my heart to see the condition she is in. Will be watching for updates x

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