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NOAH BURNS… a little dog that won´t be broken



What do you say when all you want to do is cry?
I´m used to see all kinds of things… our vets are used to see all kinds of situations… but seeing little NOAH´s condition today was too much for some of us.

Vet assistants left and called upon the help of their colleagues. Some of the most hardened surgeons, teared up. People completely used to see extreme cases, where each decision means life, or death, broke down

There, in front of us, all scabs, oozing skin, and smelling of decay stands a proud little dog that has been burnt, battered and shattered, but that won´t be broken.

I can´t write anything else… today´ve I´ve run out of words. Please watch this video. It will say more I could ever say.

What kind of people do this? Will they ever get caught? I don´t have an answer to either of these questions. But what I can tell you is that we are going to stop NOAH´s pain and to turn her life aroundand for this we need you.

Would you help me? Would you like to be able to say… I HELPED SAVE NOAH!

Please Donate, HELP US SAVE NOAH´S LIFE.  


Please leave a comment in this blog, and SHARE, TELL THE WORLD YOU CARE!


P.S. After her treatment and recovery Noah is going to need an amazing home where she can the life that she likely never had. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

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  • Dear Viktor,
    I am a vet working at one of the largest referral hospitals in the UK. I have been following your blog for many years now. I have donated to many of your rescues, specially those that required highly specialized surgeries. I can tell you something that you probably already know. There is no rescue group in the world that do what you do. You will be proud to know that when we have our morning meetings, we discuss your medical strategies and that, very often, you have guided and helped us.
    I´m honoured to be a member of your community.
    I can´t tell for sure, but it looks like Noah has been burnt with chemicals. I don´t need to tell you this, but please be extremely careful when handling those injuries.
    Donating to Noah, and promise to be here whenever you need us. Please get her well.


  • Victor, you are truly an angel. I am so ashamed to be part of the so called human race when I see monsters doing what they do to these innocent angels. Im sorry I could not donate more. Where is Noah located for adoption after he is well ? Please let me know and thank you for EVERYTHING you do.

    To be human is to have humanity.

  • Thank you for all the amazing work you do! This poor little dog is in the best of hands now and I will donate what I can to help you and your team continue with your incredible work!

  • I have donated to help with Noah’s care. Heartbreaking to look at him…especially his eyes. I am a high school teacher who has been following your work for sometime, and am starting an Animal Advocacy Club in our school. One of the organizations we will work to educate everyone about, and fundraise for, is yours. It is my belief that the youth of today are critical in changing the way animals are treated. They are a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. Thank you for all you do.

  • I have no words as I sit here crying. I know you will do all you can, many blessings Victor to you and your team.

    • Bless you all for helping this little soul. A small burn is painful, can’t imagine her misery. Is she now sedated?

      What is the damage to her eyes? Infection? Please keep updates. Donating again and again to so many of

      you wonderful rescuers.

  • I am donating to help poor Noah. Where is this precious baby? I am in Ohio and if he is no too very far away, I would love to give him a home with me and my chi mix.

    • Hi Christina… Noah is in Valencia (Spain)… when the times comes she will travel whenever the perfect home is found, at no cost to the adoptant, but right now our priority is to fight widespread infection… please send me an email on v.larkhill@gmail.com Many thanks for your help to this poor baby… we´ll do our very best to save her.

  • That poor little soul. Man’s ability to inflict suffering on other creatures never ceases to horrify me. That’s why we need good people in the world like you Viktor. Who do all they can to help these animals. We know you’ll do all you can for Noah. I pray she recovers. xx

  • Wow. Words can’t explain the feelings to know that a human does these things to poor defenseless animals, I will continue to support rescue efforts and strict laws against animal cruelty. I’m so glad you found her. I sure do hope she is a little more comfortable in your care. thanks for everything you do.

  • I’m not sure where to start, “Noah, God gave you something so very special, that when you get through this, hopefully, it won’t scare that great big heart of your’s. You will move forward in this world, with your head held high, and you will be with the family that you deserve.,. And there going to be the one’s that are Blessed!!!” Stay strong Noah, we Love You..

  • Hello , Viktor .

    I have donated to Noah . I pray she will Not be blind. how are her eyes ?
    It is most disturbing to see this. I use to think THE NATURE of MAN WAS GOOD.
    I really do not know anymore . I do know in t Noah’s situation Good will overcome evil.
    You and your team being good and Evil being the culprit to do this evil deed.

    Keep up your good work !


  • Thank you, Viktor,
    How did you find this poor little abused dog? Is there no way to trace her last owners? What a terrible thing to do to her. Please keep me informed as to her well being. I have sent you a small donation toward her care…peace.

  • Just donated $20 for little Noah, but forgot to tell it was for her! But im sure you will use my donation, if not to her, then to another dog or cat that is in need of help! Im so thankful towards You and your staff, for beeing there and help all them dogs and cats! God bless You all! <3

    • Do not worry Karin… well make sure Noah receives the world class care we´ve always given to all our animals..
      Ill be updating on her condition tomorrow..

  • Whoever did this is a monster. She is so beautiful. This is why I like animals more than “humans.” She deserves a wonderful life, free of pain, and the best of everything.

  • Awwwww poor little Noah. Donated & shared for this poor little pup. Viktor, you’re doing a fab job for the animals! x

  • Je suis sans mot. J’ai tellement pleuré hier soir. que je ne pouvais écrire. Les humains sont ignobles et ils me font honte. Comme J’ai toujours dit les animaux sont des créations de DIEU sans malice et d’amour. Je vous envoie un don pour ce bel animal qui n’a rien mérité un sort comme celui là. J’ai confiance à votre équipe et je remet ce petit chien dans le main de DIEU et il saura vous diriger pour la guérir. Que DIEU vous Bénisse ainsi que ce petit Chien.

  • I don’t understand man’s lack of compassion and his ability to deliberately hurt an animal. As Albert Einstein stated, “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Thank you for your righteous life and showing compassion to so many animals. As always, I have contributed to Noah’s recovery.

  • I can see why there were tears when Noah was brought in. How did the eyes get burned? I’ve never seen anything like this before? Thank you for finding him and for helping this voiceless creature. We are donating right now. Prayers for sweet Noah. We will continue to follow the progress –

  • This poor sweet baby. I know you will do the best you can. I have not been able to donate for a while but I just could not turn away from this little sweetheart. I donated a small amount and hope that it helps. It doesn’t really matter, but is this a male or a female dog? From what I read sometimes Noah was referred to as a “she” and other times a “he”. I am just wondering. Such a beautiful little dog. It is horrendous that he/she has had to endure such unbelievable suffering. I read about this type of abuse every single day and it is just sickening that any so-called human being could be so cruel and inflict so much pain and suffering on another living being. It takes a truly dedicated and compassionate person to do what you do for these animals that no one else will help. I wish there were more people like you and zero people that cause this kind of suffering. God Bless you for all you do. These animals are lucky to have such a devoted advocate who truly cares about them. Please keep us updated on Noah’s condition.

  • It seems that Noah’s luck just changed. Take care of this one, like all the others, the way I know you will. I wish I had more spare funds to donate, but I have sent what was available, and along with that, I send my best wishes and highest hopes for Noah, now that the two of you have found each other.

  • How could anyone do that to such a precious dog she is beautiful I hope she gets better soon. I know with you having her she is in the right hands
    Thank you Viktor

  • I hope you all will be able to save this little “angel” She is just precious and it is a real pity to see animals treated this way. I’ll be following to check on her when I can. We had a dog in the news here in South Florida who was burned and they treated her for quite a while but she has recovered from abuse since then.

  • hi, I would love to have her or him, like so many good people she needs a lot of love, I have a little mix like her, I would love her so much, mine sleeps with me, they become your babies. she is far away, I hope someone will spoil her, if I cant, im a dog lover and of all animals. god bless the little one sincerely Darlene

  • It kills me to see his suffering. Burns r terrible to endure. Part of me thinks he she needs to b put out of suffering, but part of me thinks that he’s survived this long he she deserves a chance to live and to experience love.

  • I was only able to give a little. I feel such horror that someone would do this. I just want to hug him, tell everything will be okay. All of us love you!

  • This is extremely heartbreaking. I have tears seeing this sweet puppy’s suffering. Thank you for taking care of him. Please do everything you can to help Noah. I am donating and would love to have an update on Noah’s recovery.

  • Nothing is makin me cry… NOTHING BUT HUMANS….

    No animal should ever experience anythin cruel like that…

    I would like to do the same with the human who are ready to do something like that… But no one should help them after…..

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