Has Let´s Adopt Global abandoned all their animals?

Hi… this is a terribly painful post to write.

Painful because it concerns the organisation I founded and gave my life for more than seven years. An organisation founded on extraordinary ideals that inspired a community of tens of thousands of people around the world.

If you are reading this you are, or were likely a donor of that organization. You are also, most probably an adoptant and you have one of our animals at home.

Over the years we have rescued thousands of critically injured animals. Whenever those animals finished their veterinary treatment they went either to foster homes, or to an amazing boarding facility, a sort of Disneyland for dogs (see pictures), where they waited until the perfect home was found. In some cases, like Tone, Hope, Monty, they went through extensive rehabilitation, in others, they simply played and had fun.


Our boarding facility acted as a safe haven for animals of other organisations that asked for us assistance. Organisations all over the world requested my help with their most critical cases. Thousands of animals were saved that way.


Last March I left Let´s Adopt!. For the sake of elegance I won´t go into details about the reasons why I departed the organization I founded, but trust me when I tell you, I, many of us did all we could for things not to turn out this way. In the end I cut my losses and I wished the organization I founded, goodbye.

I was devastated for a double reason. First, noone wants to live it´s life work behind, but most importantly, I knew, I was convinced, “the team” that took over would run the organization through the ground in no time. 


It didn´t take too long for it to happen. If you follow Let´s Adopt Global´s page you will have noticed. The page is now seemingly run by heartless robots. Individuals without a hint of the warmth and contagious passion that made Let´s Adopt Global what it was. Patronising, verbose… soulless.

Little by little, that “team” started distancing itself from it´s obligations towards their animals. Since the 27 of February they failed to find a single home for any of the animals they are responsible for, none of the animals that were waiting to be delivered to their families was delivered. Essential medical treatments were stopped, operations animals like Tone needed were put on hold indefinitely.


For months now, no bills have been paid. Animals have been abandoned in boarding and in veterinary clinics. 

I am embarrassed for having to write this message. I am embarrassed for having to see the most incredible professionals I know having to resort to a youtube video to present their claims.

Just listen to this!

Let´s Adopt Global has badly failed the most sacred relationship. They have abandoned their animals.

Formal Claims are being presented in front of the Massachusetts General Attorney. Let´s Adopt has fundraised for those animals and they have all been left behind.

Professionals must be paid, they need to be able to continue running their business and provide a service. That is the whole point of fund raising. To pay professionals to do their jobs.


Sadly the current team of Let´s Adopt Global doesn´t see things this way and they feel abandoning 30 animals to their fate it´s ok. Or maybe they think they´ll get away with it by hiding, blocking comments and pretend nothing is happen. Or maybe their intention is to DUMP all their animals on me?


Let´s Adopt Global will forever be my community, it represents the deepest part of me. I appeal the heart of that community, it´s donors, to let Let´s Adopt Global know that they are failing the very reason why they exist. Their animals.

We hope the situation will be clarified soon, for the good of the animals.  I wished “the team” managed to build Let´s Adopt to its full potential. Sadly, they are finding out running a community of this size takes more than just a few clicks here and there. It took me seven years to build it, it took them four months to run it through the ground. 

Please Visit Let´s Adopt Global wall and let them know their behaviour is completely unacceptable.

Click HERE



After four days of hiding, of blocking comments, of ignoring the personal calls of their own vets and boarding facilities denouncing them for lack of payment , today they came out with an explanation for abandoning their animals. They abandoned their animals because:

1. My Rescue Model equals to HOARDING.
So… Rescuing an animal from death, treating him with extraordinary medical care and providing world class boarding and therapy for as long as needed until they find a final home is Hoarding… 

I´m not going to say much about this other than I think those people´s underlying psychological issues have made them completely crazy instead I just invite you to watch this video :-)

2. I have acted destructively against Let´s Adopt, stopping them from doing their excellent job, blocking adoptions and withholding information from them.
(I´ll get to this later)

3. Let´s Adopt has been paying their bills: Yes, they did, partially, late, until they stopped doing so altogether and left behind over 40.000 Euros unpaid bills (that´s over 43.000 USD)… not small change. 

Anyway… Ill elaborate further on those points, right now I´m heading to the airport to take some animals home (and yes.. more on that later).. but for now watch this video. I have included the names of the “leading actors”… Here are their stories… Please have a look at them and ask yourselves.. Can you tell me the amount of LOVE, EFFORT and DEVOTION that has gone into transforming those critically injured animals into what you´ve seen today?
And finally… WHO DID THIS? :-)

COCO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7isvXGoGhjg

LOVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZhKR1iFE1U
MIKA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6o-DECwTF8
SIMBA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MmaUZtX5RE
ROMEO: https://blog.myletsadopt.com/2014/01/29/romeo-a-dog-transformed-into-a-walking-zombie/
JACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrGFCQ2rH_8

More to come soon… but before this… confirming that all Let´s Adopt Animals will be signed over to any of the Directors of Let´s Adopt Global, any time. We don´t own our animals, we protect them, but if they want to own them, it will be fine with me.

One last thing… AXEL is terribly sick due to lack of veterinary care because of payments witheld by Let´s Adopt Global. Maybe they should start by treating their ill animals, but for that they need to find a vet willing to work with them. I honestly doubt any professional will want to work with them here after what they are doing to their vets and boarding.



  • I, like you, am embarrassed after seeing those wonderful people having to expose their frustration on youtube.
    What happened to those people? I noticed everything changed the moment you left and I expected them to go through some period of adjustment. What I never expected was for them to act like fraudsters.
    What a disappointment. I wonder what they intend to do with the animals now.
    What a disappointment. I really feel like crying.
    Thank God you are here Viktor. I know you will not let this rest until the animals are out of danger.

  • I keep asking lag why they abandoned the animals I had donated for. I get no answer. if they are in a financial crisis, they should let the donors know about this. what’s going on? All the good intentioned people who donate to lag are now thinking the worst: Did they really abandon the animals we have cared and donated for. they owe us an explanation. If they dont have the experience and the skill for this kind of global rescue, then maybe they should ask for an experienced volunteer to handle this mess? they are global so im sure they have strong and trustworthy followers in Spain? or have they lost them too????

  • SHAME on them! This is nothing short of unholy. If people donate their money for you to use on innocent vulnerable animals, it is your sacred duty to both the animals and those good-hearted people to follow through the commitment. My use of religious language may seem dramatic, but, as a religious person, that is exactly how I see it.

    People who still support LAG, if you see this: PLEASE force those people to do the right thing! *You* gave your money away for that purpose. Those people have no honor, but if they own up and do what is right, they can take steps to regain it. They will block all attempts from us who visibly sided with Viktor to bring this up – so we appeal to you. *You* are being betrayed and deceived. That, and those animals they have abandoned, is what we care about. Could not care less about their vanity or even how much they make money *as long as they honor their obligations*. To the animals. To you. To these professionals.

  • It is just unbelievable that this is happening. An animal charity that’s mission is to save animals is abandoning their own animals, yet still rescuing new ones and fundraising for it. There doesn’t seem to be anyone with a heart left there, otherwise they would never turn their backs on the animals in Spain.

  • This is so sad to read and hear. I trusted LAG! for so many years, and now it is imploding in only 6 months? They have to take care of the animals in question – I have donated for some of them, and I expect for LAG! to act here! They need to pay the bills. The responsibility starts with a rescue, and ends with a foster family. They need to understand and accept that!!

  • This is absolutely terrible. They had the nerve to use Fozzie as their page photo, and he is stranded in
    a clinic in Spain.

  • I myself do not want to give any more money to LAG without knowing for sure it will go to the animals and at this point I don’t trust them at all. Is there a way that we could donate to the vets and the clinics that are taking care of these animals so the money does not go to LAG?

    • I totally agree. I do wish I understood better why Viktor gave up and left when HE SAYS HE KNEW that this would happen. I am sorry if it feels like I am attacking him but that in itself makes no sense at all to me! We have rescues here that have had to close due to attacks by others but before they left, all the animals in their care were taken in by other rescues, adopted out or fosters found so they wouldn’t wind up abandoned. This is awful to read but I won’t throw what little good money I have for charities after bad. I do hope there’s someway to resolve this quickly but I fear that’s just a pipe dream and I feel horrible for the dogs and the companies that are being hurt by this.

  • I think it was obvious from the beginning that when you left Victor, it would not be long before the TRUE colours of the people that took over would show…and it has NOT taken long…you should have stood your ground…it was your baby, you should never have got rid of the fraudsters, that is most certainly what they were and are…can you not take it back, or at least get the animals safe…?
    We are with you Victor…and know you will do the right thing…

  • Oh my god! I can’t belive it! What sad news! More importantly what’s happened to the animals in their care ? I’m now worried about the little dogs & cats in their care (or not) as the case might be? Awwwww so sad Viktor as this was your pride & joy.

  • Where has the money gone ? Does this new team pay it all to themselves ? If so, surely the police MUST become involved. I cannot do much from UK, but there must be people locally who can step in to help the abandoned animals.

    • Hi Robert… the animals were treated, rehabilitated and have lived a wonderful lives until now. Right now everything is on limbo. I honestly don´t understand how can they be raising money for other cases and leaving all those bills unpaid. That I honestly don´t understand.
      Those animals don´t need other people to step in. What they need is their rescue, Let´s Adopt Global, to honour their sacred commitment to them and pay their bills instead of letting them all destitute like they seem to be doing..

  • This is despicable. They are guilty of neglect as much as anyone else who neglected the animals in the first place. I stuck with you, Viktor, when you left LAG, because I trusted you, and I’m glad that I’ve done so. Where has all the money that we donated to LAG gone? They need to be made legally accountable for it, and morally accountable for the animals. I hope that someone takes on the animals and makes sure they are safe and receive the care they need. I would happily donate to some sort of fund if one could be set up for them.

    Thank you for all that you do for the animals, Viktor. I really hope that you can help these animals in some way.

    • Thank you Annette.. I have been struggling with this for months now and the only thing I can do now is to tell everyone what is happening. Maybe that way they will realize that you cannot just look away when the people working for you are pleading for your attention. It´s nice to call yourself “the team” but when you hide under the team in order not to take responsibility then it´s a mess.
      I wished them good luck when I left… but I knew those people didn´t have what it took to run an organization of any kind. What we are seeing now is just that. They planned to do this all along. One of them, Diana, called it “a nice and elegant dismantling”. So much for elegance.

  • you should never have left, or at least have taken the animals that you rescued, with you and left NO animal behind . What is to happen now to these animals ….?
    I think part of the problem perhaps is that when you left, people who were used to donating to you, left with you, out of loyalty, (I did) and now those animals are suffering again through NO fault of their own….you say you knew what would happen, I think we all knew what would happen…shame on us…what is important now is HOW DO WE SAVE THESE ANIMALS YET AGAIN…

    • Toni. That was not possible. Those animals belong to let’s adopt global morally and legally. I cannot possibly take care of them. Those people stole my organization and it’s assets, an entire community of 160.000 people. The least they could do is to take care for THeir animals. I now run a tiny rescue doing the same extraordinary work I did with LAG. They have the chance to continue my work instead they seem to have fallen prey to mental problems and other issues and are running the organization through the ground. What I can do though is to make sure the world knows what’s happening with them in the hope that those people will honor their sacred promise to their animals.

      • Here is a suggestion. Tell them you are a long term donor and you will stop donating unless they pay their bills. They pay? Continue helping.. they do some good work sometimes… Not much because they are pretty clueless but they save the odd kitty here and there.. they don´t and leave the animals abandoned? then cancel your donations forever and wish them good luck.

        • Dear Theresa…
          Those people are hoping to dump all the dogs on me, knowing that the size of my rescue is tiny. But that´s not going to work. I can´t possibly undertake that obligation. However, what I have been doing, and what I will continue doing, is to accelerate the trip of those animals home. Those people left them behind, I will do my best to get them home as soon as possible.
          But those bills are theirs. And they have to be paid now because otherwise the animals are going to suffer.
          Think about it… two extra people are employed by the boarding facility just to take care of LAG´s animals. LAG animals have their own area, with their own swimming pool and rehab facilities. How can they expect those people to work for free for months on end? Who is buying the food of the animals? Its shameless.

    • And of course what I can do and I’ve already started doing is to get them out of there one by one and take the animals to their homes. Effectively doing the job those incompetent people are not doing. But paying their debts? That I’m afraid I can’t do.

    • Viktor did not left LAG.. it was his inside group designed to throw him out and they may thing this is a great way to make $$$ for themselves not for take care of the animals..but they were wrong this type of work you may end up with put lots of $$ into before your organization even get donation to pare with your expenses. Viktor did such great job with his organization and he totally love the animals he eat sleep thinking about them animals.. he is not looking to make money on this none profit organization.. but the people whose hi jack his program and his LAG organization are the one that a gold digger and thought they just make the money and run.. Its what seem to be at this moment. They collect the donation and kept it for themselves not pay the Vet’s bill and not take care of those pets they are now being abandon . Suck these people need to be caught and bring to justice for being cruelty to the animals by far. I will make some donation for Viktor organization only.

  • We will need to ddraft a letter to the State Attorney General ‘s Office in Mass. to report this misappropriation of donated funds. They cannot merely ‘take over’ the organization without some kind of accounting of funds.

  • Sorry to hear about this Viktor, I am pissed off that I give money on a monthly basis to Let’s Adopt Global and what are they doing with the money, I send it for them to provide care and medical services for these poor babies that needed, I have not worked since 2011 and have been trying to get disabled with a lawyer since last year and nothing has come through and than I find out that this is happening with my money, like nothing being done but used for who knows what, I will taken my money out of LAG and give it to your organization Viktor is you have one, do you suggest I do this? please advise.

    Lourdes Millan
    Miami, Florida

  • Viktor, Expressing my concern is fine but I want to know how we can get this going again with you. How do we help now? Please let me know.

    • Hi Tamila..
      The most I can do is to expose what they are (not) doing with their animals. It´s their responsibility to sort out the situation.
      I will of course continue showcasing the situation of the animals until the situation has been normalised.
      You can´t stop paying the professionals that are taking care of your animals and simply ignored their request for payments. For someone that is to high on morals and accountability that´s pretty pathetic thing to do.

  • Viktor! Please tell me where Axel is?!!! I can assure you that he would be well taken care of with me. I have bent over backwards for both my dogs who have battled Cancer. Money doesn’t grow on tree’s (we say in America) but i have done everything in my power to get my furbabies treatment no matter the cost. My heart aches if my animals ache. I am so upset and saddened to hear about L.A.G. This is a tragedy to all of the animals hoping to feel better or waiting for their new home. I’m worried, frustrated all kinds of emotions in reading your post. I’d be willing to do my part to help save the rest of the animals who are under their ‘care’. Please let us know what is happening and if you would PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT AXEL’S WELL BEING. I PRAY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HELP HIM AGAIN. And know that i am willing to bring Axel to the US with a promise to you and everyone else that i will take great care of him. I hope you read this…thank you for all that you do…truly an angel.

    • Dear Christina..
      Axel has been doing amazing since I rescued him and treated him first. He was adopted to the UK last year but he proved to be too much of a dog for that family so I organised his trip back. He then went through pretty intensive behavioural treatment and training and he turned into a real gentleman.
      Right now Axel suffers from a skin condition, a dermatitis that is not being treated because no vet wants to work with them…
      The veterinary community is a very small world.. the moment people hear an organization is acting this way noone, and I mean, noone will want to work with them again.
      I´m afraid the only solution here is that they pay their bills. I assure you they have the funds to do so.

  • This is appalling. They’re still raising money supposedly for the animals they ‘save’. If they’re not using it on the animals, what the hell are they doing with it?

  • This is not un usual when you have your co worker see the way to make the quick money to fatten their check book not the love of the animals like Viktor heart is.. so you see they stolen Viktor’s foundation that he build and block him out from the computer and all of other area.. so he has no choice but to open another outfit after that. With that I was so un happy with all thing going on I stop make donation all together because i do not know who I make donation to. So now Viktor let us know which is your organization we will make donation to be sure your pets and your vet ‘s can get pay for their services ( care ) for the animals.

  • You have nothing to be sorry or embarassed for. You put your heart and life into the charity that they then abused your good name. You survived a stronger man and with an even bigger heart. You came back fighting just like the animals you have helped. You have a dedicated following who are with you no matter what. i wish I could become involved with you more and help you with adoptions and fostering. I so want to be able to follow your dream

    Don’t ever stop these animals need you more than ever. I hope the animals let with the charity are soon found the care and treatment they so desperately need. I am here if you need a UK base to operate from.

  • I don’t like that you used the expression, “…dump all the animals on me…”. Although that may be the way you are feeling about it, I would happily support you financially if you could take over the care of these thirty animals. Their lives are at stake and they need proper attention now! I’m sure there are families that would be willing to foster them until they are able to find permanent homes. Then allow the courts to deal with that organization”s unpaid bills. I am a little confused though. If Let’s Adopt is working in Europe why is the Massachusetts Attorney General investigating this? There are organization, at least in the US that donate food to shelters. Perhaps they could help in feeding these animals left in shelters and at the vets’. Know that there are many people that believe in you and are willing to help in any way they can. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Can you not go back there Victor and take over again? How do we know this is true anyway? That the animals have been abandoned? Maybe there needs to be a donation drive to get things sorted out? That large bill needs to be paid for a start anyway.

    • How do we know it is true? Well… because you have the vets and boarding telling you it is so? Because I am telling you it is so?

  • Viktor,
    I have supported you and all the good work you have done … ever since Biscuit.
    Can you just start a new organization? I believe everyone who was drawn to LAG will follow you and support you. If LAG is dying, move forward and start something new. Then the donors can take care of the bills and get those animals away from LAG to place them in homes.

    This is very sad, but if anyone can make something good come out of it — you can.

  • It is unbelievable that they (“the team” lol) would do that. They stole Let´s Adopt Global from Viktor and now they dump all the animals!?!?! And now no reaction, we can all wait and watch how they twist and turn and try putting the blame on Viktor or the vets or the boarding facility, or maybe it´s gods fault, who knows. They love putting the blame on others. You can see it in the blogs, not capable of catching a cat, but it is always the old people trying to catch hers fault, or a group of students, a transporter that drove by blablabla. I really really hope they prove that they are capable of caring for the animals in their care, that they finally pay the bills and try to rehome them (without once again putting the blame on the (ex)founder of LAG). With Viktor you can always see that it´s all about helping animals, no matter how injured or ill they may be, with them…not so much!

  • I am saddened to hear that this terrible outcome has befallen these poor animals. Sometimes it takes the bigger person to step in and give assistance where needed…for isn’t about the animals after all? I am sure that LAG will not survive after this horrible scandal, but in the meantime, these 30 or so rescues continue to need love and support…please don’t leave them behind.

  • What happens to Amy now? Is I see the pictures how she is tortured I cry and cry.
    They ask for money to help and safe this poor dog but now I don’t know is she will be help.

    i was a volunteer fore more than twenty years and never experiand this, it is unbelieveble for me
    That they can do this to the animals!

    i realley hope they got the help they need


  • I understand and share your anger, your hurt and your sense of betrayal. I agree that what LAG has done is totally unacceptable and that you shouldn’t be left to clean up their mess, and that all legal means should be brought to bear to ensure that those bills are paid in full, but at the same time I can’t help but to dread what will become of the animals if ‘ownership’ were to be transferred to these people and they were to move them to a different, and probably lesser facility. Let’s face it, it’s the fact that the microchips are in your name that is those furbabies best protection, and LAG no longer has the infrastructure or the interest in their Spanish division so their future is really bleak. I understand that this is a mess, but for their sake see if there is some way to work with the vets and boarding facilities to get them home safely. No, it’s not fair, and I realize that it shouldn’t be up to you, but at the same time I hate the idea that Axel and the others will be left to pay the price for what is, at the end of the day, a very nasty divorce.
    PS- Sorry for not posting in fb, but I don’t have an account there.

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