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Cooper: they found out he had two MASSIVE bladder stones and they threw him in a swamp

How do you describe a case like this?
How do you even try to put into words something so appalling your brain rejects it.
Cooper has been found in a swamp, crawling, unable to stand, trying to keep his head above water and mud. And inside him.. two massive stones.

Cooper is 10 years old. Kind, gentle, mature… He spent his life with someone. His last years have, no doubt, been hell.. His body is covered in sores caused by neglect, multiple injuries, animal bites, bruises, cuts. But the worst, the reason why he was thrown into the swamp to drawn and die is what´s INSIDE HIM..
When we realised he wasn´t able to stand up and after confirming that there was no fracture we did a set of X-rays and this is what we found…


Inside his bladder, Cooper has two of the biggest stones we´ve ever seen in a dog. I cannot begin to describe the excruciating pain this is causing him. A pain of such magnitude that has completely immobilised him.

Please watch Cooper´s video to really get a feel for his condition….

Our rescue is synonymous with extreme cases. The animals noone else will try save because it´s out of their reach. This is our mission. This is who we are.

Cooper is currently going through a complete battery of tests, blood, heart, neurological exams in order for us not to miss anything. He is receiving world-class veterinary care. I know noone more capable of handling a case like this.

Those two stones have to get out, and they are far too big to be taken out in any other way than surgery. PLEASE, if you can, help us save this incredible dog. Look at him now and keep this sight in mind, because we are GOING TO SAVE HIS LIFE!



After his surgery and recovery Cooper is going to need an amazing home where he can have the dream life, the life he was born to live.
Please write to me on if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


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