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Barney: Blind, has been thrown out of a fifth floor window!!



Barney arrived to our hospital this morning inside a carton box.

They said it was an emergency, there had been a fight home, and during the discussions, the boyfriend grabbed the him by the tail and threw him out of the window of their fifth floor apartment.

Barney was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit… a minute later, the person that brought him left the hospital, jumped on her car and disappeared.

That´s how much those people loved their blind cat… they threw him out of the window and then abandoned him. I really have no words.



As beautiful as Barney looks, he is in a terrible state.. broken ribs, a perforated lung and two broken legs… A complete disaster.

There is no conservative treatment to follow, during the next 24 hours he will be stabilised and we will try to resolve the bleeding in his lungs, but we need to operate his fractures as soon as possible otherwise he may never walk again…



Barney is blind. What kind of people throws a blind cat out of the window? How is that even possible? Well.. it is… we have the results of such brutality with us right now…

We are going to operate Barney tomorrow, in 48 hours the latest. His condition is just terrible… PLEASE HELP US SAVE HIS LIFE…


After his surgery and recovery Barney is going to need an amazing home where he can have the dream life.
Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • They threw a blind kitty out of the balcony? Can´t believe what people can do to animals.
    What a shame!
    Donated 30 USD for Barney!

  • Why am I always shocked at how cruel humans can be. I am crying for this poor baby. I am donationg $20. I would love to have this baby as my own! He would have a permanent position right next to me!

  • I know you’ll take care of Barney, so I’ll wish you both luck in overcoming his problems, and send positive thoughts for his recovery. Hang in there fella, and everything will turn out OK.

  • Such a beautiful cat. I have every faith that your team will mend Barney. Will you be able to restore his sight? It would be wonderful if he could see again. Good luck Barney, and good luck team.

  • What a bunch of bastards doing that to Barney! anyway I will send a donation tomorrow as I get paid. As always to Viktor and the team, you are the best :)

    I still love watching Julians video :) he is such a happy boy now you saved him :) and a new life beckons :)

    Well done :)

    Gary xx

  • Barney The Braveheart.
    Please save this little man for me. I so need to take him into our family. My home is open for both Barney and Angel. Together they can build a new life and have caring siblings a mommy and a daddy.

    PLEASE LET ME TAKE THEM BOTH… Not a challange but a privalage to help you and the fur babies.

  • How can people do that? How is he doing? When will he be operated? (sorry, I know there was an update in the facebook page, but some settings seem to have been changed, and it no longer allows me to read your updates without being logged in). Please give him a hug from me.

  • I hope you’ve operated successfully – couldn’t open this yesterday .My prayers are going to you Barney I so hope you will be alright and happy in the future XXXXXX

  • Hi,
    Hope precious Barney is improving day by day and I send him special,cuddles and kisses and healing vibes.
    I have emailed you from the UK to offer this special,boy a forever loving home if you would consider me .
    Thank you .
    You do the most amazing work and that is worth a billion thankyous too xx

    • Thank you Glen.. Barney has been operated and he´s making great progress. I should be able to update our friends and donors during the week.
      I´ll email you soon with his news..

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