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Angel was left paralyzed. We need to operate him to save his life. PLEASE WATCH HIS VIDEO AND SHARE HIS STORY


There are some that believe Black Cats are not worth of our efforts to save them. Some that will look away when they read this…
If you are here you are not one of those, and you care….

Whomever did this to Angel ruined the life of a little cat that had done nothing to him. We don´t know how they broke his back, but typically those kind of injuries are done by cars or football kicks.

We will never know what happened here but the impact was brutal enough to damage the spinal cord to a point that couldn´t be fixed.



But this was not all they did to him…

Angel remained on the streets for days. Paralyzed, unable to move, unable to pee, during this time his bladder was badly affected, infection developed and extended across his urinary system, ruining it.


Right now Angel is unable to pee without help. We´ve had to insert a sonda as a temporary measure. The only viable permanent solution is an uretherostomy, a very delicate procedure that will enable him to empty his bladder and have a chance at a life. Without it it he will die in agony.

We need to go into surgery as early as tomorrow.

There is no other option for Angel… paralysed and unable to control his sphincters… at this stage it´s surgery or death.

Please join the team that will save Angel´s life.  Please, help us save him…


Many thanks!!


P.S. After his surgery and recovery Angel is going to need an amazing home where he can have the dream life. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Dear Viktor,
    My cat was exactly in the same situation Angel is in, and she needed to go through he same surgery.
    Those were some of the saddest days of my life, but I will never forget the day Megan returned home from hospital.
    Bless you for doing what you do, bless you for being who you are.
    Donated for Angel. Please save his life!

  • Dear Viktor,

    Thank you for rescuing Angel. I have a soft spot for black kitties and it breaks my heart to see such a bright kitty as Angel in agony. I know you and your team will do everything in your power to help him. Donated for Angel. Much love!

  • Can you please tell me what is happening as I have had emails saying you are no longer doing what you should be. Emails from Victor. X

    • Dear Jackie… you have left a note at my blog. I´m actually doing all that I should be doing, it´s LAG that has left it´s animals abandoned in Spain. Drop them a note on their page: http://www.facebook.com/letsadoptglobal ask them for Fozzie, Claudia, Axel, D´Artagnan, Simba… they have abandoned them to live on charity like the stray dogs they once were.

  • My cat was in almost the same situation except he was not paralysed but he kept blocking so he had to have that operation. Praying for little Angel. Is Sonda a catheter?

  • Those golden eyes remind me of a family cat, and I would hate for her to have to go through this. While Angel has been unlucky before today, thankfully for him, that has changed, and he’s found you, Victor. There are so many worthy causes out there, and so little cash to split between them, that not all can be supported. At this time I have spare cash, so I have sent $50 to help little Angel get better with your help. Give him a scratch behind the ears for me?

  • I am broke as a joke right now, but will get paid next week and I WILL be sending some $$$ for the medical care of this sweet baby! I adore black cats; they are the most loving and good natured of all cats. Stay strong, little Angel! Bless you for saving him and all the other animals you work with and heal.

    • Thank you Melanie… Please take care of yourself… We are operating tomorrow first thing in the morning.. Help us out whenever you can, but right now, take care of yourself, ok?

  • Just sent 5 USD….not much but it’s all i can spare at the current given moment.
    please save this adorable little guy! he deserves a chance at life!!!!!

  • I love black cats and dogs. I have not been able to contribute for a while. I was going to skip this time as well, as I just started this job and haven’t received a paycheck yet. But, I could not ignore this little black kitty, who looks so much like my Spencer.

    I also wanted to say, i was willing to continue to follow Let’s Adopt Global, until they started writing critical emails and Facebook posts about you. I let them know that they would not get money from me if they were going to try to blacken you name (names?). Ivan, you have been and are a hero to me and to the animals. I wish I was able to come to where you are and work with you to do these rescues. I have seen you and your teams perform miracles.

    I am afraid, from what I have been hearing, that your former charity is going to be run into the ground very quickly, and it is a shame. But, I am with you…and andy black kitties or doggies out there.

    • Dearest Joan,
      You words mean the world to me… Thank you for being there over the years, thank you for being here now.

  • Black is always beautiful and little Angel is no exception he is LOVELY and I’m praying his surgery will be successful . Very much love to all on your team and special prayers for Angel

  • Dear Victor,

    I have always loved black dogs and cats and they take a very special place in my heart. It is so sad to see what happened to Angel and I hope my little donation will get him the help he needs. Thank you for all that you are doing.


  • Dear little Angel, you are indeed an Angel. Just donated for your operation and quick recovery. Just remember you are in great hands and you will be surrounded with love really soon.

  • I Donated $20. I wish I could do more, but on a small pension cause of illness, this is what i can do for now! Thank You for giving Angel a chance ! You give him a cuddle from Sweden ❤ Best of luck little Angel! Prayers and love coming your way ❤

  • Hi Victor,
    I just donated $100.00 for little Angel.. wish i could give more. What are his chances of any type of a normal life? Can his back be fixed and his urinary tract made to function again. Praying for his recovery.
    Much Love for all you do

    • Thank you Dianna… Angel is now at a foster home waiting for his final family to come through. He will have an amazing life, he deserves it!

  • I shared and reshared on Facebook and donated for this little and beautiful Angel. I love black cats and have two ones at the house. Than you Viktor to take care of him.

  • With LOVE and HOPE for a new a wonderfull life, for little baby Angel, I just make a small donation!
    Angel is a wonderfull little baby, reminds me of my sweet little soul, my dearst T …
    Good luck Angel, you will you’ll get over this critical moment, we pray with love and hope for your life!
    Anca C

  • Angel’s little face made me cry. ALL of my cats are black (with one tux). I don’t understand how such a beautiful little life could be ignored so easily. I’m donating the last of what I have, it’s not much but PLEASE save him…

    The animals from Let’s Adopt Global… Is there any way to save them? I’m in love with so many, I just wish I was in a better place to help them all. It breaks my heart to think of them abandoned all over again…

  • I would have donated, but it seems like this is in the past now. (Will look for another to donate to…). Is there anywhere we can find updates on this guy?

    • Dear Marc.. Angel went through surgery and a number of procedures stemming from his condition…
      I will make an update on our page as well as sending you a personal email with his latest pictures and videos.. he´s doing AMAZING… you’ll see..

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