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Vicky´s owner was taken to the elderly people´s home… her family organised to have her euthanised

For 11 years Vicky lived with her owner, an 80 year old lady. She lived a pampered life, loved, cherished. Both of them were meant to be together, to support each other until their last breath.

It wasn´t meant to be.


Two months ago her elderly owner was taken to a retirement home and left there there unceremoniously. She was forced to leave her loyal friend behind in their empty house. Neighbours said that the day the lady was taken away you could hear her crying and shouting from every point of the streets. And among the tears people told us she was trying to hold on to her dog and shouting her name… Vicky!

For two months Vicky cried and cried, every two days someone would go feed her but would leave right afterwards… Finally, a decision was taken.. Vicky would be surrendered to animal control and immediately euthanised.


But before this happened, someone posted her on Facebook…

People were outraged at the story, outraged, insults.. but noone offered Vicky a home. This went one for hours. We were watching silently… Finally, the time was nearing, she was going to be taken to the pound…

What you´ll see here is what happened next… Please Watch her video…

While everyone cursed on Facebook I drove to the home and picked Vicky up. But the moment I touched her I noticed something was bothering. She was in pain. We immediately drove to the hospital and we performed an ultrasound. My fears were confirmed. Vicky has PYOMETRA.

Pyometra is an infection of the uterus. A life threatening condition considered a medical emergency. As a matter of fact it´s nearly a miracle that we caught her in time.


Vicky is one of the sweetest dogs we´ve ever rescued. A little princess that has lost everything…

Please help us save her life… this can´t really wait… we are working on improving her blood chemistry a little, but she needs to be operated tomorrow the latest.

Vicky needs to be operated, and she can only count on us.

UPDATE 4 August…

Today Vicky recovers at a foster home while waiting for the perfect family to appear. One that NEVER again ABANDONS HER!!!
Have a look at this video. She is unbelievable!!!! Sweetest little dog ever!!!

Please if you can, help us continue rescue. Help us save many more animals like Vicky .


Many thanks!



P.S. After her surgery and recovery Vicky is going to need an amazing home where she can have the family life that she never experienced. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Dear Viktor,
    You are something else. I read in your page it was your birthday yesterday. Most people would be taking it easy but here you are, rushing to the rescue once again.
    You are unbelievable. I have been with you for three years now, and I´ll always be part of whatever you do.
    I have just sent some help to Vicky. Now you do what you do best.
    Go Vicky, go!

  • did you report to the woman that Vicki will be saved? and that she is in caring hands? this will be very important to her to not die thinking that she abandoned her baby girl! thank you vikor! feliz cumpleano ayer! all the best to you!

    • Oh my gosh! I hope someone does tell this woman that her pup is and will be ok. I have done work with the elderly… people and pets. That is the one thing she may focus on as she gets closer to her own passing. I sure hope and pray someone sends her a comforting message. I would love to send this lady a card or a call and talk to her. If anyone knows how to reach her, please email me.

      • Hi Rachel…
        I have asked the family to allow me to show Vicky to the lady and reassure her she is fine…
        My offer was met with “reluctance” .. they said they´ll think about it.

        • Sod them Viktor. Explain the situation to the home and I’m sure they will let you in, with Vicky. I’m sure you can charm the birds out of the trees, never mind a small dog into an OAP home Lx

  • I agree…maybe when she is healing she can be taken to see her 80 year old caretaker. It would be fantastic for both of them!

  • I agree. Maybe when she is feeling better she can be taken to see her 80 year old caretaker. It would be fantastic for both of them!

  • I would not worry so much about the family at this point. Seems she was just as abandoned as Vicky. See what the home rules are where she is now living. It may be a wonderful way of adding to Vicky’s story and bring a positive awareness to care for the elderly if the home can make a concession in having her come to see this woman. Maybe Vicky could represent the importance of the elderly and their pets.

  • Vicky needs to visit her mom. It is what would be best for both of them. How dare anyone break the bond between the two. Very sad story and still NOT a happy ending!!

  • Aww… such a sad little face. I hope that she recovers and gets a lovely new home. I feel bad for her owner as well . It can’t be easy for an elderly person to lose their pets to no account of their own. I used to volunteer with my pet therapy dog and go in to see the elderly who live in extended care and heard many a sad story about pets given up. My friend and I would try to help out whenever we could but it didn’t always end up good. One cat that we found a placement for missed her person so bad , it seemed she just gave up, quite eating and starved to death. I hope Vicky can be happy again. Thank you for picking her up and helping her !!!

  • You are doing what you do best Viktor, saving animals! Why does the woman’s family have to know if you bring Vicky to visit? I’m sure you could sneak in and sneak out! LOL Donated what I could, we’ve had heavy medical expenses for one of our cats. Get well soon Vicky and be strong!

    • Pam, because I have no idea where the old lady is. She is in an eldely people´s home but there are hundreds in the province.

  • I feel so sorry for this poor old lady who is probably having to put up with all manner of indignities at the hands of the “Care home” as well as being deprived of her Darling bestest friend Vicki . What a horrible family to do this terrible thing . I am sure that Vicki , in your capable and loving hands, will be cured . Thank goodness you have her .Please please find a way to bring Vicki at least to see this lovely lady . She is not actually in prison I hope and must therefore be able to receive visitors or even go out with you to a cafe for a cup of tea and hold her Darling close for just a little while . I loathe this kind of steely inhumanity totally lacking in compassion that some families exhibit to their elders and of course such people do not care at all about animals either . The “family ” do not “own” this poor woman either ,god damn them . We all , God willing grow old , and when old are still sentient beings XXXXX

    • I agree completely with you. There is no way this couple should have been parted. When family think they are doing the right thing for their family members, they should remember to ask the opinion of the person concerned before any decision is made.
      Thank you Viktor again for rushing to the rescue.

  • Hi Viktor. Just donated to help Vicki. I hope when Vicki has recovered she could visit her owner in the home. That would be the best recovery therapy for both of them. why is that family being so nasty to little Vicki? Let’s find a fab home for Vicki so that we can re-assure her owner that she’s living a good life in retirement too!

  • Im so amazed with everything you do for all these cats and dogs. It makes my heart warm. And every story touches me. And how you go out on a lim to save these animals. Poor girl, sweet Vicky. My heart aches for her. I hope she will get better and fina her forever home. I have donated towards her operation hope it will help a little. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a remarkable person.

  • Victor, please, I know it may not be possible or even a good idea to bring Vickie to see her true owner but please: Somehow get the word to this poor suffering woman that her dog has been rescued. Give her heart some peace even though her family has forsaken her. This was just torture to her.

  • Hi, Victor.
    When I began reading this story my first thoughts went to Vicky’s owner. All I could think was for this woman to lose her companion was a death sentence for her. I agree with everyone’s comments that you need to make every effort to let this woman know that her dog is being loved and cared for. If you cannot reunite this woman and Vicky at least send her a photo of Vicky. My next thoughts were of Vicky. Not only did she lose the person she loved but then she was left alone. I am so glad that you rescued her and as always you are working to heal her and find her a forever home. God bless you in your continuing efforts to save hurting cats and dogs.

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