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Thyra was buried alive… Now she needs a new heart!



We know exactly when it happened although we will never know the monster that did it.

2nd of May, a girl walking on the fields notices something strange in that spot where the soil seems to have been moved and placed back. She digs, and what she finds will remain forever in her memory.

Buried in a shallow grave, a plastic bag stuffed with the bodies of seven new born puppies. They are barely a day old. They are all dead… all except one. The girl rushes the baby to a rescue, she is in critical condition, barely breathing. There doesn´t seem much anyone can do for her.

But the puppy is not ready to give up. She clings to life. For weeks she is fed with a baby bottle every three hours. She improves. She seems to pull through. But under that apparent improvement something is clearly wrong.

Thyra doesn´t grow at a normal rate. She is extremely thin, tired, has difficulty breathing, there is fluid in her lungs. She´s extinguishing herself.

At that point, the rescue contacted us and asked for help…. Thyra has a heart condition, DUCTUS ARTERIOSUS PATENT. If left uncorrected, patency leads to pulmonary hypertension and possibly congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias.




The only thing standing in the way between her and a full life, is an extremely delicate procedure to correct her heart malformation, it´s really all or nothing.

As a rescue we pride ourselves in taking the most complicated cases, those that no rescue will undertake, either for lack of resources or simply, because they prefer to rescue the easiest of cases. But if we did this… who would save Thyra?



This is an extremely delicate and complicated surgery, and only a handful of surgeons can perform it with full guarantees. One of those surgeons is going to perform this operation, and believe me, Thyra couldn´t be in better hands.

Thyra started this life beging buried alive. Now she is facing one of the most complicated surgeries a puppy of her age can face. If anyone deserves our help this is her.

Update 28 of July… 

You are about to see something unique… rebuilding Thyra´s heart..


UNBELIEVABLE, RIGHT? This was only possible thanks to our friends help.


I will be updating this blog and our Extreme Rescue Page right after the surgery..

Many thanks!


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  • Dear Viktor,
    I have been following for years. Every post, every animal.
    Thanks to you I have been able to rescue Otto from the Amazonian forest, Diego from Jordan, Tara from India as well as hundreds upon hundreds of animals all over the world I would have never been able to hep otherwise.
    Of all charities you are the one me and my family support, because you are the only one where I can really feel my help is essential.
    Thank you for allowing me to feel this way.
    Donated to Thyra! Please fix that Ductus!

  • I just sent a small donation. i wish it could be more, but we’re swamped with expenses right now ourselves between our cats and our foster dog.

      • Hi. I have just donated $20 towards her surgery.
        I watched her video and have fallen in love. I have 2 Vizslas and live in Ibiza in a country house where we have land and our dogs get more love than most humans and daily walks.
        If she pulls through would there be any possibility of adopting her?
        Many thanks

  • I sent $15 to help this baby. She is so beautiful and deserves a chance at life. If I am able to adopt one of your darlings, I will do so. I just need to get a permanent job first, and I should know about that in a couple of months.

    God bless you for the work you’re doing. Viya con Dios, mi amigo.

  • It is so hard for me to comprehend how people could do such things to those seven babies. Thanks goodness for that curious girl walking in the field! I have come to expect great things from your surgeons and I am sure they will not let me down. I don’t know what kind of cost are incurred but I hope my donation helps. You and Thyra our in my prayers.

  • Poor little Thyra. Such an innocent tiny life. Bless the little girl walking in the field that found her. She is now in the best hands in the world! Go team Let’s Adopt International! Please keep me updated on Thyra’s progress awwwww! I’ve donated what I can Viktor.

  • This little lucky Thyra found by a little girl is going to have a difficult surgery and deserves a proper life. I just had to send a little money in order to join the group of people touched, like me, by her fate. Thumbs up for this little beauty all over the world!

  • Donated $10 yesterday. Please keep us updated on Thyra’s condition and surgery. She’s such a little sweetheart and deserves the best, long life.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for her from UK. Keep the good job Victor.

  • Little Thyra, just so happy you were found. So sad that someone would do this to you and to your brothers and sisters. Will donate for you to get better. Holding you in our prayers and giving you much love.

  • I have donated and am sending love and prayers for a speedy recovery for Thyra. After all she has been through she deserves to be loved and cared for so she can live a long and happy life. God bless you too Viktor for helping this beautiful little baby.

  • I have donated to help this beautiful little girl and also send love and prayers for a safe recovery. I hope she finds a beautiful home where she will receive the love and care she deserves. Bless you too Viktor for caring about this little girl.

  • I donated for her. Such a small, sweet little one…I really hope she pulls through.
    I would love to have a podenco once I graduate university and can live in a dog-friendly place– they seem like really excellent and beautiful dogs. I can’t understand why they are tortured so much. It seems utterly and obviously inhuman. Thank you for taking care of those that come to you.

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