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Look at me. My name is MAX.

Through this post, we are going to save the life of a little kitty that has lost all chances. His name is Max. If you think Max is not just a kitty, but instead he is someone that matters, please read til the end and SHARE… 




He didn´t have a name until this morning, now he has one. His name is MAX.

Max was born on the streets, under the bushes in a busy park in the center of town. It was spring, the weather was nice and warm. His mummy took great care of them. They all made it.

Mummy cat taught them to stay alert, to hide when someone approached them. Some people would help them, but many would do bad things to them.

Mummy cat didn´t like people very much.

They played hunting games, chased little lizards, flies and whenever they saw someone coming, they hid and kept still.

And then, something happened, we don´t know how… MAX’S eye got injured, and from that moment on everything changed.




No more games. No more chasing. The people stopping and playing with them suddenly stopped trying to touch him. It got worse… and worse…

Finally someone spotted him and didn´t walk away. Instead he sat there, patiently and spent hours gaining his trust. At first Max didn´t know what to do… on one side he wanted to get closer, on the other he remembered his mother’s teachings and kept at a distance…

Finally, he was caught! From that moment on everything changed. Instinctively he knew we wouldn´t hurt him. His approaches would be answered with love, and tenderness. Max was ready to love.


Max arrived to us this morning and he was immediately checked by one of the best ophthalmologists in the country. His eye, that burst ball of fire that had been burning him for weeks, is damaged beyond repair. He needs to be operated to avoid systemic infection that, if left untreated, could take his life. 

I KNOW IT IS HARD… but please look at Max´s distorted face… this can´t go on… HELP US OPERATE HIMHELP US END HIS PAIN FOREVER.

P.S. After his surgery and recovery Max is going to need an amazing home with at least one other kitty where he can have the life he deserves.
Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Viktor, I have donated to every single kitty you have rescued recently.
    It started with Leo, well over a year ago, Rania, Bambino, the list goes on. I will always be there for every kitty you rescue. I see all those organisations refusing to take in sick and injured animals while you are here, doing precisely that, day in and day out, and giving them all a fighting chance.
    I´m proud of being a small part of what you do.

  • Hi Little Max, you are so adorable. I will try giving as soon as I can. You are in great hands with Viktor. Don’t feel down. You will be better really soon :)

  • Lucky little guy found a hero to take care of him. Donated what could be spared, but it never seems to be enough. Take care of him Victor.

  • I donated toward Max’s care. What a sweet lil boy he is! Thank you Victor for helping all the animals who need you!

  • Dear Viktor, I donated for Max and shared your link on Facebook. Thank you to take care of this little boy. God bless you.

  • I put in a little for darling Max. We had a kitten just like him once and he lost his eye but came through the surgery just fine. Tomas was a great cat.

  • OMG!!!!….I just watched Max’s video and the tears are just rolling down my face……oh sweet little Max, I am so very sorry that this has happened to you…..no animal needs to go through this…..unfortunately I am sorry that I can not send anything to you…..if I had the money, I would jump at it in a heartbeat…….right now all I can do is send you tons of love, prayers and hugs in hopes that you get better soon…..your just a little baby who deserves a second chance at life…..and I know you will get that chance with the help from this very special angel named Viktor and his incredible team of helpers……just like you, Viktor and his team have helped so many angels that were is such bad shape and also found them their forever homes……I know that your scared but trust me….your in very good hands and there are tons of people out there that are praying for you…..I sure hope that you are able to find your forever home once your better…..I wish that I could adopt you but my dad doesn’t want any more animals in the house….I have two kitties so my heart breaks cause you would be such a sweet addition to my little family…..”Ohana – means family…family means nobody is left behind or forgotten.”…..so my wish to you is that you find that family that so deserves you…..with so much love from New Windsor, NY

    P.S. Viktor as always, you continue to come through for these special babies….now I know why I love you and what you do…..never stop….thank you

  • Max, you are precious and brave and are so loved. You are in the best possible hands and will soon be feeling much better. Many people are pulling for you, little guy!

  • Donated to help Max. I’m hoping to be considered as a potential adoptee of one of your special needs cats some day, but my home is currently at territorial capacity.

  • I’m going thru some hard financial times, so all I can send Max today are both love and prayers…I know that can’t pay for surgeries, but both are powerful in their own right…and a note for Viktor, don’t stop doing what you do so well for those like Max…hopefully a good many will find their way to you and your staff of amazing professionals..keep fighting the good fight, Viktor..you know you have tons of us behind you…GOD BLESS…

  • Hi Victor have made a small donation for Max…he reminds me of my two ginger boys who went over the Rainbow Bridge some time ago now, but never to be forgotten…their names were Ben and Rueben…so in memory of them…get well little Max…and know that you are much loved the world over…

  • Hey there Viktor.
    You are the only man I trust and donate for his work and promises without a blink.
    Keep it up my friend. I cant do what you’ve done and be doing but at least I can be a small part of it.

  • I can never understand or accept how ANYONE can walk by an injured animal, someone who clearly need help. If I ever came across such a situation, that animal would be at the vet in no time. I don’t care what is cost, I get a pay check every month. For god’s sake, my ginger boy Plutarchos seemed a bit sick a few weeks ago. His left eye was red and he kept it closed, I noticed that late on a Friday night. Immediately I checked out the nearest emergency vet and cleaned the eye very carefully with warm water and a clean cloth. The eye got a lot better after that and I decided to wait until the morning. The next day he was like nothing ever happened to his eye. If I saw a kitten like this on a vacation etc., I’d take him/her to the vet right in that moment!

  • Little Max has landed in the most capable hands. Those are yours, Viktor. If anyone can get him the medical care he needs, it’s you. To these animals you rescue you are a Saint. Thank you for everything you do. We need more people like you in the world. xx

  • Dear Viktor, this breaks my heart. Thank you for rescuing Max. I have sent a donation. Please please keep us updated as to how much you need for this sweet boy and how he is doing. Thank God for kind people like yourself

  • I’ve donated to little Max – it isn’t much, and I wish I could do more, but I’ll give anytime I can. The work you guys do is incredible, and I thought it was amazing what you did for Grace; it was the right choice. You’ve shown her that there is love, and that she didn’t have to die in fear. Thank you.

  • I Love you for your work <3

    I spend ever for you and this poor animals, if Ican..
    I live in Switzerland and I follow you on facebook every time.
    Never give up, a lot of people help you and your animals.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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