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Help us complete this little hero girl’s wish to unite with her new cat… Help us to deliver a dream.


This is the most important blog I´ll ever write. The most important because it has the potential to forever change the lives of two little heroes; Laney, a little cancer survivor and Grace, a brave cat that defied all odds and defeated terrible injuries inflicted by man.

The most important because, if shared and read, it could inspire people all over the world to never stop fighting for what is right.

Laney was born in 2009, the day after Christmas. Her first three years were wonderful. She was healthy, the fairy tale princess of a loving family that adored her. She loved Disney movies.

Curious and happy, she was a delightful baby with a disarming smile, very close to her slightly older sister.

It all came to an abrupt end the 21st of May, 2012 when Laney was rushed to the hospital with strange symptoms that looked like strong abdominal influenza. Doctors immediately suspected something… they performed an MRI and found a big tumor in her brain.

She was operated that same day, her head had to be drained of fluid.

Two days later Laney was operated again… a desperate effort to remove the tumor that was killing her.

It was a 14 hour operation.

14 hours. She went in at 8 am, came out at 10 pm. Imagine that…

It was a miracle that the doctors were able to remove the entire tumor.

Laney spent 4 days in a coma, and when she finally woke up she had to follow 10 months of chemotherapy and six weeks of daily radiotherapy under complete sedation.

In total, she spent 178 days in the hospital.

The whole treatment took 15 months. 445 days of the most excruciating suffering a young child can go through.

Kids following cancer treatment are given a token of their bravery, of which they are all very proud, a “Braveness Chain” made up of beads. Every bead=1 treatment… Hers is 4,83 m long and has 401 beads.

Doctors placed a lot of restrictions on Laney. Food, hygiene measures, everything around her had to be sterilised. Her entire life was under strict control. Doctors advised her family to get rid of their four cats.

Every suggestion was strictly followed, except for one. The cats were part of the family, they would go nowhere. If the cats went away the family would break, and when the spirit is broken, the body couldn´t heal. After the treatment ended, the doctors and nurses conceded it was the right decision and had been an important reason for Laney´s extraordinary resilience and state of mind.

Both Laney and Jolina, her older sister, suffered greatly during this period. Both of them are currently undergoing therapy to recover from this traumatic period. This is a family that in the midst of tragedy and at the edge of the abyss, chose to stay together and didn´t leave their animals behind.

A family that truly values each and every member the same. One for all and all for one.

Last month, this beautiful family wrote a letter to me… in it they expressed their interest in adopting one of our cats…Grace. A cat that had gone through an ordeal and torture of her own. A cat that arrived to us completely destroyed, and through months of daily treatment, managed to find her strength and survive!

They had fallen in love with Grace and her strength. It was a match made in heaven. There was only one problem… Grace is in Spain and they are in Germany. Grace would have to fly to them…


I have rescued animals for 15 years and by now I have seen it all…but Laney´s story? Laney´s story has shaken me to the core. Because of this, I want to throw a very special fundraiser… Today I want to ask your help in making a little warrior girl´s dream possible.

Laney´s battle against cancer is not over. Twenty years ago every kid with a brain tumor would die. Today 55% of them survive. The odds are in her favour.

Today I want nothing more than to make Laney and Grace happy. I want to be able to fill both of their lives with the presence of each other. And I want to give Laney and her family a surprise gift IN YOUR NAME… a gift that they will never forget. I want to make a dream come true for Laney and her family.

I want this to be our most beautiful rescue. The rescue of a little girl and a little cat, a magnificent show of love, appreciation and support.

I want this to be unforgettable.

Help us to unite Grace and Laney.




HELP US CONTINUE FULFILLING DREAMS.. and if you can´t donate, please at least SHARE…




P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Thank you Victor, I donated what I could. Pls. Keep in touch with status…

    Thank you for everything you do for these babies…

    • Thank you Lynn, thank you for being here for Grace and Laney.. did you see the updated video? Check it out on the blog!

  • I am so sorry that my part is so small, but I have donated what I can to these extraordinarily brave babies! Laney will get through it, and so will Grace!
    You are stars!

  • I donated for them. Having family and friends is a great comfort in and after times of pain, for both humans and felines.
    I have a friend who survived cancer as a young child, about Laney’s age. She is now in her 20s, a PhD student in the sciences at the top university for her field, and a skilled athlete as well. If there’s any way to tell Laney about how my friend succeeded despite those similar challenges, please do–it’s so important for her to know that she is so brave and can do great things, and her life can be so much brighter in the times to come.

    • Dear Eunis… many thanks for your beautiful message. I will be passing this to Laney´s family, when the time comes they´ll know how to pass this onto her…

  • Continue in good health Laney and hope you and Grace are finally together all my prayers with continuing to get better.


  • Time to go home Grace and bring happiness to a little survivor, like you! Donated a little bit for your journey!

  • This has moved me to tears. I made a small donation (all my donations these days are, of necessity, small, sigh ..) for sweet Gracey, and although I can’t help with any more money right now, I have shared the story. You are my hero, Viktor, and I know you will be able to unite this wonderful family with this amazing kitty. These brave souls are meant to be together. Thank you.

  • I have no money but have shared this wonderful story of courage and love which I am sure will be an inspiration to at least some of my friends on Facebook XXX
    All my very best thoughts and wishes go to this lovely family and I’m sure she will soon be welcoming her new adorable pussy cat

  • We thank you viktor and your great team for all!!!! Its all magic and we are so happy to have Grace in our family ♥♥♥ She is a beautiful strong girl like laney :) Both have a strong character ♥♥♥ We hope, we will see you again!!! You are a our hero!!!!

  • Enough to bring tears to the eyes of even the most hard of heart, seeing the results of our donations at work, watching you uniting these two angels. May the good work continue for a long time yet.

    If anyone can call himself a hero in the modern world, that would be you, Victor.

    Three cheers for Victor!!!

  • This is one of the sweetest stories I ever heard. If I had a lot of money, I would donate ALL of it to Grace and Laney. For now, all I can do is hope.

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