Extreme Rescue Dogs, Paralyzed larynx



This is an emergency… Francis arrived to us this morning after a 14 hour train journey during which he nearly died twice.

Francis was rescued last year, after having spent most of his life in a shelter. Neglected, chained to a wooden kennel for more than a decade.

Years of neglect, of freezing cold in winter, scorching heat in summer. Years of exposure, years of untreated infections that eventually left a mark. Francis lungs are severely damaged, they have developed fibrosis, breathing is a struggle.


Francis larynx is paralysed. Right now he barely gets enough air to survive. The lack of oxygen is obvious, his tongue cyanotic, purple due to the blood reaching the tissues having extremely low oxygen saturation.

Francis´s life, right now, is total and absolute hell and it can´t go on like this.



Francis would be euthanized by most rescues, but we are in a position to save his life. The solution is a surgery called lateralization of the arytenoid cartilage. This is a very risky surgery that can only be performed by an extremely skilled and specialized surgeon. In this case the surgeon will be Dr. Jorge Llinas, one of the world leading experts in laser surgery.

Once again, we are in a position where, together, we can forever change the life of a dog that has completely run out of luck.

IT´S NOW OR NEVER… We are Francis´ only shot.. Please, if you can, Donate so that Francis can breath again… HELP US SAVE HIM DONATING TOWARDS HIS LIFE-SAVING SURGERY.


UPDATE 4 August…

This is how YOU helped us save his life… please watch this video to the end…

HELP US CONTINUE RESCUE…  We can only do what we do thanks to the contributions of our friends.… HELP US CONTINUE SAVING MANY MORE ANIMALS LIKE FRANCIS…


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  • Dear Viktor,
    Two years ago I went through a similar medical emergency with my dog Jack.
    It was the most nerve-racking experience of our lives, and I hope I never have to go through it again.
    Listening to Francis gasping for air brought memories of Jack´s struggle.
    We are donating towards his surgery. Two years ago we paid USD 6.000 at UC Davies, so I can imagine how hard this is for you every time.
    Jack and I just donated $40 for Francis!

  • How many more poor animals must suffer because of human failure, lack of compassion and sometime sure evil. I have donated and hope that you can make Francis well, Lord Knows he and all the million others that us wicked humans choose to hurt and destroy certainly deserve to have a peaceful happy life.

  • You have proven time and time again that miracles can happen. Donated in hopes that Francis’ surgery is successful and he lives out his years happy, cared for and loved.

  • Awwww poor Francis. He has a really awful life so far. Please operate to save this little lad. I’ve donated what I can.

  • This is so sad. I hope you have been able to operate on Francis and that he is doing well. I can donate something next week. Can we have an update on Francis please??

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