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Her name is Breeze and by her peculiar looks, her massive oversized pointy ears, long and sharp nose and her expressive excited eyes you know she is a podenco, one of the world´s most ancient dog breeds, closely related to the ancient Egyptian dogs.

In Spain they are used as mere tools, most people don´t even recognise them as dogs, to them they are things, and despite their nobility and the fact that they have accompanied the human race for thousands of years they are still largely ignored… and abused.

I received an urgent call. Someone had dumped a beautiful podenco girl with a broken leg in front of a veterinary clinic. Whomever the person was just stopped the car, dumped the dog and ran away leaving her laying on the floor unable to move.


It is very difficult for me to describe the dignity of these animals. In my experience they are the kindest of all breeds, and maybe because of this kindness, constant target of abuse. When hit and mistreated a podenco will never bare teeth or fight back, he´ll either run away or stay still and bear the brunt of the abuse. At most they’ll shed some tears and whimper but nothing that will make their owners, mostly hunters, stop.

But once you treat a podenco with kindness he experiences a transformation. His eyes lit up, the expression of his face changes, and the most beautiful smile in the whole canine kingdom appears.



Please watch Breeze´s video… pay attention to her face during the rescue. Make the connection. Here is a dog that has been struggling with a badly broken leg for days, suddenly feeling overwhelmed and rejoiced when being treated with respect and kindness for the first time in her life.

I want this blog to serve a double purpose. One one side I need to ask your help so that we can operate her leg as soon as possible to get rid of the pain and make her run again. Because Breeze loves to run. They day she will, you will understand why I chose her name. Breeze. On the other side I want to introduce Breeze to the world. I would like her story to travel far and wide, because I know, somewhere out there there is a perfect family for Breeze. A family of wonderful people with wonderful souls, a family that is able to give her all the love that those people denied her.

But before Breeze finds a home she needs to be operated. Surgery won´t be easy, it´s a very nasty fracture, but we work with the most extraordinary vets. If anyone can fix Breeze, it´s us. 

UPDATE 11 July…





UPDATE 20 July…

Sometimes no words are necessary…


If you are reading this you have likely help us before… I want to ask you to please help us once again (if you can)… and HELP US CONTINUE SAVING DOGS LIKE BREEZE. HELP US CONTINUE MAKING MIRACLES!


P.S. After her surgery Breeze is going to need an extraordinary family OF NON HUNTERS that loves her forever. She is loving a super social.. We are looking for a family with at least one other animal so that she never again feels alone. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

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  • Dear Viktor,
    Breeze reminds me of Julian and Tom, whom you saved last year! They are so beautiful.
    I met this breed through your continuous efforts to save them. I have donated to every single of your rescues since I met you two years ago and never been so proud of supporting anyone. I am a regular donor to the HSUS and Best Friends, but it is you, you that I´m always drawn to.
    I donated to save Breeze. Please save her.

  • We have just donated to He’Art in Turkey for a terrible case of abuse (a poor friendly stray, kicked by a band of drunkards and left unconscious. When they found him he was being eaten alive by maggots!): we couldn’t not to give. And now we can’t give again. Unfortunately there are so many cases in need, but Breeze is a wonderful dog. We consider adopting a second dog in a year or so, and although for several reasons we are thinking of a small dog, I am very touched by podencos. On a French site I read so many cases of these poor dogs who are often rescued and rehomed in France. Maybe we shall go for one, one day. They are so lovely.
    But I wanted to say how touched I was in this video by your expression Viktor, when you drive. I don’t know, there was something so special in your eyes, on your face, just your soul appearing so clearly. I really wish you all the possible good life can give. I know you have gone through a lot of unnecessary stress due to the usual human petty and mean egos. But people like you are rare and very precious indeed.

  • I donate as often as I can and appreciate all the fine work you and your associates do for God’s creatures.
    Bless you Vicktor

  • My gosh Breeze is gorgeous. I just don’t understand people. I hope she finds the best home she deserves. Thank you for Breeze and Fiona.

  • Dear Viktor,
    Thank you so much to take care of this baby and to give her love and cares. I donated what I can and shared on Facebook. Good luck, my friend. Bless you.

  • Truly, I’ve not forgotten what you’ve done for Tom; however, it’s only now that it dawned on me just who the Podenco as well as the Galgo breeds are – and I’m MOST horrified at just how badly these dogs as well as canines in general rank in Spanish culture!!! It strikes me as non-Christian, non-Western (in terms of civilisation) and sub-human for the majority of people in that country to be like this with ANY breed of Mankind’s BEST Friend…

    I’m looking forward to donating at the end of the month – God Bless Breeze and ALL dogs as well as you and your colleagues!!!

    • Alexander,
      Yours is a very unfair comment. There are millions of people in Spain who take care lovingly of their pets. Most people that I know who have pets treat them like their babies, including myself. If you ever come to Spain you will see people any hour of the day walking their dogs in streets and parks. I live in a 110,000 pop. city (Torrejón de Ardoz) that counts 8 veterinary clinics. Do you think we would have 8 veterinary clinics for a small city if we wouldn’t take care of our pets? How do you think all these veterinarians sustain themselves?

      • Alexander,
        I was wrong. Torrejón de Ardoz has a (human) population of 122,589. As for the number of veterinary clinics, there’s an amazing 17 (seventeen) in total in our small city. Google it for yourself (“clinica veterinaria torrejon de ardoz”).
        Does that sound like “a majority” (as you said) of Spanish people throw their dogs in a dumpster when they are sick or hurt?

        • Alexander, Eva is completely right. While Spain has more than it´s fair share of animal abuse we can´t make swiping generalisations like that. The majority of spanish people do care for their animals. We have however a problem with negligent or right down awful owners, but it´s not a majority. Those are, however, the cases we take in, so reading our blog one may come away with this impression. If this is what happened here, my apologies.
          Gracias Eva por la clarificación

          • Very well then, Eva and Viktor: I’m freely ready to apologise to both of you as well as everybody else whom I’ve hurt with my comment.

            Yes, I indeed got the impression of Spanish malefactors against animals maybe not being a majority, but being such a significant minority such as to require more widespread education and legal prosecution of these cases. Particularly horrifying again was the case I’ve read about Thyra today: burial alive!!!!

            Yes, I’m sorry, but the impression I’ve gotten has been strong, especially given how there apparently is an influx of animal and human-hating Moslems from Africa and the Middle East, making matters worse…

            Hopefully this will help – please keep up your outstanding work!!!! [I thought that ductus arteriosus didn’t require an actual heart-transplant, just the shutting off of the built-in shunt (which should have closed immediately after birth).]

  • I can feel her pain,poor baby. She is one beautiful dog. An angel whose previous owners were blind to. I can tell from her eyes that she is kind and sweet. Thank you for helping her. Please keep us posted.

  • Felicitari VIKTOR!Pentru tot ce faci ptr.aceste fiinte absolut superbe,,,,dovedesti ca esti un om adevarat ,cu un suflet mare,sa-ti dea Domnul multa sanatate si putere sa faci acest lucru de acum inainte multi ani.

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