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Alice has been found with her two front paws cut off by a trap. Help us save her!

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Yesterday, we got a call from the police, who had found a dog with her two front paws amputated by an illegal hunters’ trap. The nearest volunteers rushed to the scene and sent us photos and videos. They were horrifying. There she was, in the middle of nowhere, trying valiantly to take refuge in the sparse shade of an olive tree.


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The video speaks for itself; one of her paws is hanging by a thread of skin and muscle, and the other is nearly completely amputated too, with only one digit left.


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We have called her Alice.

She was hungry and terrified, and sought protection as well as she could underneath an abandoned truck. Her wounds are several days’ old. It is hard to imagine her pain all that time.

When we finally managed to catch her, Alice was immediately rushed to the Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital where she is in Intensive Care.



Her two paws are destroyed and sectioned on the carpal level. Our only option is to fit her with two endoprostheses using the technique developed by surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick. This technique implants the prosthesis inside the bone; nerves, muscles and skin grow over it and it eventually becomes part of the body.




Alice is now being stabilised in Intensive Care. We will first have to amputate what is left of her paws and then get her ready for the prosthetic implants.

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Alice is not to blame for having been born in a place where there is no respect for animals or animal protection laws. Her recovery is going to be difficult, but not impossible, and we are going to need your help.


P.S. When she has recovered, Alice is going to need an extraordinary family that will love her forever. Alice is affectionate and social, so we are looking for a family with at least one other animal. Please write to me at v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe that family could be yours.

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  • Hi Victor, I came to see you in Valencia last year. You took me to your Dog Hostel and I also met your Vets. I thought at the time what a brilliant job you were doing. Glad to see you are about as I read on LAG that you had left the organisation. Is she in Spain?

  • I feel bad for this animal in so much pain and no more freedom without legs your not free I feel so much hate for the Hunter that caused this I hope he gets caught by another hunters trap

  • What won my heart was how brave she is. Even though she’s suffered so much pain, she accepted your help with such grace. I’m also an animal communicator and a Reiki M/T ; I’ll send her love and healing. Thank you for helping her!

  • I have finally made a small donation. Please help this poor baby Alice have a great life. I know you will do it. Thank you so much Victor for all the great things you do for these poor souls. Without you they have no hope. You are an angel in disguise and for that we are truly thankful. Please keep the good work going for as long as you are able.

    Kind regards


  • Noel Fitzpatrick is absolutely wonderful. We have a whole television series in the UK about his incredible veterinary practice. He is exactly what is needed in this horrific situation. Bless this little girl for her bravery. She will be happy again, I know she will.

  • If I am at a more stable job environment when she is well, I may be her adopter. I have two female dogs now, both rescues. A more submissive boxer-lab mix and a younger but not quite alpha female. Both love everybody.

    She is a beautiful girl who deserves much more than she’s gotten in this life so far. She needs a place where she can just be happy, safe and loved.

  • Thank you Viktor for helping her – she has been through a terrible time filled with fear and pain but now she is with you and your team and I know you will help her to walk again with pride and pain free. Noel Fitzpatrick is one of the most wonderful people on this earth, his work is 2nd to none and if you are working with his inventions then she stands a very good chance of recovery. I admire this man so much his compassion, like yours is truly wonderful. Bless Alice I love her so much she is so like a beautiful dog I lost in 2011 he was rescue his name was Kip. I still love him and his siblings with all my heart. Bless you sweet Alice ……… you are in my prayers and my heart.

    • Thank you Zara.. our trauma surgeon worked with Noel for about a year at his hospital in Surrey…
      We are going to make this happen… or well do our best. Promised.

  • Alice….Oh No……How can humans be so vile as to leave ANYTHING that can inflict such injuries. tears have once again poored down my face. Alice is in the safest place and she will hold her head up high as she walks on her two new paws..I have followed the work of Noel, and he, like you Viktor, go beyond to make it possible for animals to have the best chance available. Again I ask that when you next see Alice give her a gentle pat and a kiss from her new aunty Angi…wish her well and good luck with her future surgery. I and my fur babies will keep our paws crossed that she flies past her first solo walk and shows the world how majestic Alice really is. I will send positive thoughts to her. Bless you and your teams, without you suffering would take hold of more of our loved animals. Thank you so so much Viktor.

  • How beautiful , calm and gracious she is even in the midst of such trauma . I am sending all love and prayers for her complete recovery . I Never stop thanking God that you are there for her and the others Victor XXX

  • All I can think of is the PAIN! I hope she is getting full treatment for that right now. As for phantom pain, she will experience that even with her paws amputated. (My late husband had both legs amputated below the knee – he felt phantom pains for years.)
    This makes me so sick I can hardly stand to look at the pictures. I will donate money, but I’m not so certain she will able to make a full recovery :-( Poor baby!!!! God bless you, Sweetie

  • Hi Victor, have just donated….Alice, poor fur baby,saying prayers for her recovery. Thank you for what you are doing…a great job and one of love, obviously…x

  • I just cried when i saw this video, please help this poor girl give her a loving home and family she so much deserves please keep me updated on her condition she is so beautiful i love her, she will get better i know she will i have her in my heart

  • The one person I thought of when I saw Alice’s horrendous injuries, was Noel Fitzpatrick. Any procedure invented by him will give her the best chance of a normal life. She’s very lucky to be in your hands Viktor. We know you’ll do the very best possible for her.

  • i feel so much pain and heartache for poor alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its amazing how cruel and mean ppl are it is tearing my heart apart seeing the pain in her eyes as she tried to talk…May God be with you and bless her lil heart as she learns to walk again!!!!!!!! O how i wish i could send a donation but i am struggling myself but i do pray for a wonderful recovery and home of loving mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters for this lil 1 God will help her i know He will my God is an awsome God and He will help u guys get the money u need to help her and all the other animals u help thank u for being such wonderful and amazing ppl thank u for havin a heart unlike most ppl now a days only out for themself thank u Lord for blessing alice with such wonderful and amazing ppl

  • Is Alice being operated on by your surgeons or is she coming over to the uk to Noels clinic ? Either way I know she will walk again thanks to you and your team.

    • Hi Rachel.. she is being operated by our surgeons Fidel Sanroman and Carlos Huelva. Fidel worked with Noel in Surrey for two years and Carlos is Spain´s most celebrated trauma surgeon. She is in good hands..

  • Donated, for sweet Alice. Such a horrific tragedy. Prayers for recovery, and a fur ever loving home. With the hurt and pain she’s been thru, she deserves love and happiness. Thanks, Viktor, and your Extreme rescue team. Blessings to all.

  • Let’s Pray: Father God In Jesus Name we come before you with praises and thanksgiving.Father we lift up Alice right now asking for complete healing over her body and a speedy recovery.Father I decree and declare that donations will pour in and the right person will open there heart and home to this sweet girl,she has suffered
    And now the blessings are operating in her life.Thankyou Viktor Larkhill for having such a compassionate heart.
    And bless everyone who is planted seeds for her recovery,may God bless you 100 fold.I will make a donation
    Thankyou for sharing.

  • Viktor , I am so impressed with ALICE . I have sent her $25.00. I
    hope to have more funds in the future . I hope the culprits are caught . I hate
    those CRUEL traps . also , I am impressed with the way you handle your ENEMIES .
    You carry yourself with dignity and continue your work
    You and Alice both have dignity.
    take care -it is a fight GOOD against EVIL.
    Susan Gordon or Susan Parrish

    • Many thanks Susan… thank you for being on our side.
      As for our enemies… it would be far too damaging and exhausting for us to focus on them at all. I´ll let life take care of those people. It is doing it already.

  • Alice, I hope you get better soon. Humans are just so evil, but luckily, you found an angel, Viktor to take care of all your problems. You will be ok really soon! Love!

  • mi aportacion ha sido pequeña por mi situacion economica pero ENTRE TODOS CON UN POQUITO QUE DONEMOS podremos ayudar a muchos como alicia, solo me salen lagrimas al leer la noticia, no entiendo que puede pasar por la mente de una persona cuando tortura a un animal salvajemente, si fuese rica acogeria a todos los animalitos del mundo y no les faltaria amor eso seguro!

  • Acabo de dar una perqueña aportación para Alicia, solo me salían lágrimas al ver su vídeo, no se como hay gente a dia de hoy que pueda hacer tan grande salvajada.
    Solo espero que se recupere pronto y encuentre una familia que le de mucho amor y la cuide como se merece.

  • Noel Fitzpatrick, as you know, is a genius innovator. His love for animals can only be compared to your own. I’m so glad he’s on board with poor little, Alice. I hope this is the first of many collaborations. The two of you, together, could really highlight the plight of abused animals across the globe. All my love and best wishes to you, Viktor, your team and all the animals who have been and are being cared for by you all.

  • Please name her pups; Apollo, Alexander and Ashoka; a Greek God, a Great King, and an Indian Emperor, and all ‘A’s for Alice–Great and Strong names for a Great and Strong Momma!!! Love from aunt melanie

    • Apollo, Alexander and Ashoka; Three great names (A God, A King, and an Emperor) for a great and strong mom named Alice!

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