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11 years ago, Moon was run over by a train. Today she fights for her life again.

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11 years ago someone tied an small black puppy to the railway track. For hours, the puppy tried to free herself. All her efforts were in vain. By the time the train arrived she had already given up fighting. The train sliced through her leg, amputating it.

There were witnesses to that horror… people went down to the tracks and recovered the mangled body. She was in shock, but alive. They called her Moon.

Moon was rushed to a shelter where she received emergency care and days later they fixed up the badly managed leg. Miraculously Moon survived and learned to live with her dissability.

That was more than a decade ago. Moon has spent her entire life in that shelter. Orphan, without a family.

Last week someone noticed she was limping and to their surprise they noticed that under her black fur she had developed a huge mass. After all these years, the shelter wouldn´t be able to do anything else for her, and she was scheduled for euthanasia.

For days they seek for assistance but no rescue organisation was ready to take on an old dog with three legs and a tumor. At that point we were asked for help.

Moon´s present a very complex problem. We have done a CT scan and the Mass has already started eating the bone. To everyone looks like the only solution would be to amputate the leg. But we could do another thing… The name of the procedure is: Scapulectomy, and it involves CUTTING OFF THE TUMOR AND THE SHOULDER BLADE while SAVING THE ELBOW JOINT AND THE LEG.

The procedure would be very complicated but this would the MOON´S ONLY CHANCE.

That mass is huge and it presents a grave risk for a dog of Moon´s size. If Moon is to live the tumor has to go. But if the tumor goes we must also make sure Moon is able to have quality of life, and for that she needs to, at least, be able to walk.

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Look at Moon.. an 11 year old three legged black dog… she is, unfortunately, not the kind of dog people will rush to help. She only has one chance, and that chance is us.

This is going to be a massive challenge both for Moon and for us, but she is brave and strong, and she has us by her side, ready to help.

Update 20 July

Moon was operated last weekend… What an incredible girl. Please watch the video of her surgery, you will see what we had to do to eliminate the massive tumor that was eating her alive…  I know it´s hard but you need to see this…


Help us save Moon. Help us continue her treatment. Today, we are her only chance.


P.S. After her surgery and recovery Moon is going to need an amazing home where she can have the family life that she never experienced.
Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Dear Viktor,
    Three years ago I went to the Miami shelter and I adopted a small black girl, just like Moon, and like Moon she only has three legs. I´ve never known what happened to her, sometimes I think about it but I get so sad I rather not to.
    I´m donating towards Moon´s surgery. That tumor is in a really bad position but I´m sure you will manage to pull this through.
    Please contact me after her surgery is over.

  • My dog was hit by a car last year and may eventually need his leg amputated. I can only hope he lives as long as moon <3 Donating in honor of my Bug!

  • All the animals you save are precious so thank you so much for what you do! I have a very soft spot for 3-legged babies especially so had to donate to Moon. It’s not much, but I made it a monthly recurring donation so I hope that will help you to help Moon plus others in the future. I love your organization! Thank you!

  • I’m a 14 year old girl and I wish I could adopt moon but I’m mom said no dogs because we rent a house and the people won’t let us have a dog. But I really I could adopted her. I hope she makes it and get a wonderful family!! I’m going to donate to moon!!!

    • Many thanks Tatum!!! You are the sweetest. I will tell Moon you are sending her your best wishes…
      As you are so young, please check with your mum before you donate, ok?. Please do..
      Ill have some news of Moon soon.. bear with me.

  • Hi Victor, I will donate as soon as funds permit…please do all you can..But then I know you will…and thank you.

  • Just to say, when I visit this site, I always mute the music. What happens to the animals you bring in is plenty heart wrenching without the cloying music. Best of luck, Moon!


    • Thank you Susan… that´s obviously a personal choice… I personally feel a soundtrack adds to the emotion one is trying to convey. Imagine watching a movie without a soundtrack.. Maybe it´s just me, of course.
      In any case, as long as the message gets through…
      Thank you for being there.

  • Awwww please save Moon. She/he has been through so much & desperately needa a forever home to live out her twilight years. I’ll donate in the next few days when I get paid. Brilliant work Viktor. I follow your work & dedication to the animals big or small!

  • Donated. I know the team, will give Moon, the opportunity of love, and life. She so deserves this surgery. Big wet kisses, and blessings to all, from Tampa, FL.

  • I’m so sorry that this poor little thing has had such trauma in her life: first, being tied to a train track and run over, then to have to spend her whole life in a shelter without the love and affection of a family and now to have this mass growing on her shoulder. I know you will do all you can to help her. My donation is on the way.

  • How could someone be so cruel as to tie this sweetheart to the train tracks only to be ran over by a train?

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