Month: July 2015

Extreme Rescue Cats

Help us complete this little hero girl’s wish to unite with her new cat… Help us to deliver a dream.


This is the most important blog I´ll ever write. The most important because it has the potential to forever change the lives of two little heroes; Laney, a little cancer survivor and Grace, a brave cat that defied all odds and defeated terrible injuries inflicted by man. The most important because, if shared and read,

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Extreme Rescue Dogs

EMERGENCY!! Fiona has Brachycefalic Syndrome and can´t breath. Help us save her life!


Every few years, following the dictates of fashion, a dog breed becomes trendy, people start buying puppies and breeding puppies themselves. Their neighbours have one so they want one themselves. This is what happened to Fiona´s breed. Fiona is a French Bulldog. Fiona was found wandering the streets of Sevilla, in Andalousia, Spain, one of

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