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It was so unexpected… The moment the girl opened the lid all she could hear were the piercing screams coming from the bottom of the massive garbage container.

The screams were muted by the tens of bags on top but it their origin was clear and they were impossible to ignore.

A few minutes later the kitty was on the way to us.

We´ve named her Frida and she´s a tiny ball of fur, barely 200 grams, a little bit heavier than a mobile phone.

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Frida´s eyes are in a terrible condition, one of them has ruptured, exploded, leaving her in excruciating pain. At this point I could try to explain more, but if watch this video you will understand precisely what we are facing and how hard we are going to have to work to save her life.

Listen to Frida´s voice.



Frida needs to be operated immediately but if we rush into surgery today she would probably die. Instead we are going to leave her in Intensive Care for the next 24 hours and we will operate her on Saturday morning. At this point we don´t know if she will loose one or two eyes.

Please listen to her screams for help… Help her.. Please Donate, help us save Frida´s life.



P.S. After she is fully recovered Frida is going to need an extraordinary family that loves her and takes care of her forever. Please write to me on if you are that family and tell me why you feel you would be a great option for Frida.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Viktor,
    Frida looks exactly like my cat. I rescued her ten years ago from very similar circumstances. She was about the same size as Frida and her eyes were as bad as hers. She ended up losing both and costing us thousands of dollars but it was money well spent. Bubbles has given us a life full of love and friendship.
    Frida´s treatment won´t be easy but she will be, she is already, a wonderful cat.
    Bubbles and I are donating 50 towards her treatment. Frida, you are not alone!
    Lilith and Bubbles

  • I will donate $20 for Frida’s medical expenses. You do such fantastic work Viktor. Thank you for caring for the forgotten and abused cats and dogs.

  • You will do your best Viktor I know. Prayers to the gods to help you and your team and Frida. Will donate again at the end of the month.

  • Thank you for taking care of Frida. I have shared her details among all my followers on Twitter, Google+, and all my friends on Facebook. I have recently donated to several other of your appeals and cannot donate at this time. But as soon as my pension is in the bank I will send a donation for Frida. If anyone can save her, you can.

  • Aww so precious I don’t see why anyone would do that to a poor little baby kitten Under any circumstances!!! :'( I would love to take her home but dont know that I could there isn’t much traffic in my house and I’m almost always home but I dont know if I could….

    • You could Alexis. That would be the best action taken in your life.
      Please think about it. I have never regretted adopting any of my animals. They just keep on giving love.

  • Thank you for taking care of Frida and showing her the first love and compassion she will ever have known in her short life. I have shared her on Facebook, and Twitter in the hope that as many people as possible will know about her. I have recently donated to several other of your appeals and have no more money left to donate to Frida at this time. But as soon as my pension is paid into the bank I will send you a donation for Frida. If anyone can save her, you can.

    • Many thanks for your trust and support Geraldine… I think Frida will make you proud.
      Our work never stops, don´t worry… thank you for being there.

  • Donated. I sincerely hope that Frieda doesn’t lose her sight completely. Thank you again Viktor, Ivan for taking her on. God bless her. She is in my prayers as are you and your team. Thank you.

  • Omg what a beautiful baby and her voice. Makes me want to cry. Thank you for helping her. Will donate soon as I can.

  • I have sent a donation to help Freida … I cannot stand by and not help. I’m hoping all goes well for her my prayers are with this little girl . Annette

  • I wish the best luck for this poor baby and send prayers and positive thinkings for her. I donated and shared on Facebook. Thank you, dear Viktor, to take care of her.

  • A precious kitty that was unlucky enough to find her self close by “humans”. I am sure you will do what you can and beyond. Hold her tight, hold Grace tight, hold them all if you can. We, as I’ve said before, will do our part.
    My best to you and yr team – I hope this small donation helps

  • Donated what I could. There has been rumours that the donations don’t always go where they should, but I’m willing to risk that and I hope to hear about Frida’s progress later on. Poor lovely kitten <3

  • I donated $20.00 for this sweet baby.
    God bless you all for your immense work.
    I have a one eyed black cat . She is a delight.


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