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The saddest dog in the world!! Chained paralysed to a shelter´s door!!

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We don´t know much about him… a dog without a past, he was found on Sunday morning tethered by a leash to the shelter gates, abandoned by his family.

Paralysed, unable to move. Nameless, he looks like a Jackson to me.

At first the shelter workers didn´t pay attention to his awkward position, they thought he was resting, they pulled at him carelessly but hurt him so much that his screams could be heard in all the surrounding streets. Only then did they realise the extent of his injuries and the gravity of his condition and they contacted me.

I asked for Jackson to be rushed to our best Hospital and for them to perform a full Radiological study. X-Rays and a latest-generation CT scan showed the existence of spinal injury.

The herniation is bad, but it can be repaired surgically.


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We work with leading experts in trauma surgery and they are nearly certain they can make Jackson walk again. But every surgery has risks…

There are two possible outcomes to this surgery. Jackson will either walk again or he will remain paralysed for life. It´s going to be one or the other.


In order to maximise his chances of recovery we need to operate within the next 24 to 36 hours… If we wait much longer Jackson´s chances will decrease greatly.

You have seen us achieve the impossible before. I give you my word we are going to do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for Jackson to walk again.

Update 27 of July.. 





Many thanks!

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P.S. After he is fully recovered Jackson is going to need an extraordinary family that loves him forever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you are that family.

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  • Viktor,
    Two years ago I sent you an urgent email. I was in Malaga and I found a dog by the side of the road. Within minutes you organised someone to come find us and take us to a clinic in Sevilla that operated him and saved his life.
    Today Chico lives with us in Hartford, Connecticut. There is no day that I don´t remember what you did for us that day.
    We are donating towards Jackson´s surgery. You have all our support.
    Mark and Chico

  • He looks like a Boston Terrier I once had that was paralyzed with suspected IVDD when I lived in the USA – I couldn’t afford to have an MRI done at that time – but I can now afford to help Jackson. My dog made a good recovery thankfully with acupuncture and the wonderful people at OSU Veterinary School. He’s still doing great now – with his new dad in the USA. I truly hope Jackson makes a full recovery too!

    • Good morning May…. Well, looking at his entire condition we can tell you he wasn´t run over by a car as he has no brushes or any other form of trauma (usually car accidents leave some other injuries and forms of abrasion on the animals body). He was most likely either kicked or a bad jump from a bed or sofa… What is so disheartening is the way he was abandoned..

  • OMG… as many people make me wonder if they are really human and It makes me mad to see a small beautiful life like this in so much pain. Then I have to stop and think to myself, thank the Lord there is people like you who take these lives that have no way to say they are in pain, wondering what is happening to them, wondering why the “human (s) ” they loved let this happen to them, and do the utmost to restore them back to as normal as you can. That in itself is Amazing. Give this guy lots of hugs, pats, and kisses. There are many who are Praying for his full recovery.

  • Viktor! So glad you are still “here”. I don’t know what happened with your original rescue, but I noticed a new name…………..Kerry

  • I Donated earlier today and hope for a successful surgery and recover for this poor Guy!!
    Where is he located, maybe interested in giving him a forever home..

    • Many thanks Paul… Jackson is in Valencia, Spain.
      He will be operated tomorrow, by this time we should have an update on how everything went…
      Ill keep you posted!

  • It pains me to see so many animals scared and hurting in this world. Thank goodness for people like you and all your wonderful teams of vets and their assistants. I cannot get over how many miracles they have performed. I would trust my own animals to their care! Am making a donation to help defray the cost of saving his life.

  • I also sent a small donation in hopes of Jackson living a healthy & happy life. Thank you Victor for you and your staff fighting to save these furbabies lives. You are an angel. May Jackson run to the hills!!!! Praying!!!!

  • I donated what I can, as always, wish I could give more. Bless Jackson at least he’s in the right hands and I now and look forward to reading everything went well for him, I am very happy you’re still around doing what you do best for those that would otherwise be left to die, or euthanised!

  • Please look out for Jackson ,it is sad the owners did not ask for help for him …just to leave him like that is irresponsible. Glad to see you are helping him .please keep us posted . I have Boston named Freddy .and my senior pug named Jackson who is sadly coming to an end …

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