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Michael stopped a crime and they did THIS to him…


A lovely spring evening.. Michael was sleeping home, his family had gone out for the night and they left him behind, taking care of the house.

A loving dog, his family used to joke that if one day burglars entered the home Michael would make friends with them. Little did they know…

Around midnight, intruders climbed the fence and entered the home where Michael was sleeping. He woke up and must have approached the strangers wagging his tail…


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He didn´t see it coming…  Michael stood no chance against the brutal attack… armed with a steel bar they hit him repeatedly, leaving him half dead with six broken ribs and a badly broken leg.

Upon return to the home the family was grateful that Michael had stopped a burglary but they decided against surgery so they fixed the broken leg it with a bandage and let it be…
That happened two months ago.

For two months Michael´s leg burned him alive with pain. His life became so miserable that finally his owners decided to do something… and what they did was to take Michael to a local clinic to have him euthanised. Michael is two years old.

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Luckily for him, upon hearing the story the vets refused to kill him and gave us a call.

There are only two options for Michael, the first is to amputate the leg, which would be a disaster for a dog of his weight and size and the second is to operate, try to align the broken bone as best as we can and fix the fracture with an ultra-resistant titanium blockage plate.  

Our rescue is known around the world for the pursuit of excellence…  So we are going to stay true to our principles, we are going to operate Michael´s leg, we will fix it, and if everything goes well, Michael will run again one day..   

Michael is scheduled to be operated on Saturday morning. We only have 48 hours to raise the funds for his surgery.

Michael was attacked and betrayed by his own family… Let´s combine our efforts and let´s give him his life back!  PLEASE, DONATE, Help us save Michael!!


UPDATE:  Michael has been operated… here is a brief video of his surgery.. 


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Sunday, 20 September…

I’m at an airport somewhere.. Heading home.
Woke up this morning in a beautiful room surrounded by kids toys. Next to me, laying at the base of a fairy tale castle sleeps an impressive dog. A dog as big as he is kind. A dog that gave it all to his family only to be abandoned and forgotten.
Months ago I made a promise to him. You will never suffer again. You will be loved and cherished and will rejoin the destiny that they stole from you.
And that’s me, and that’s US, fulfilling a promise.





Amazing right? This is what the combined efforts of good people can achieve…   HELP US CONTINUE RESCUE.. PLEASE DONATE TO OUR RESCUE FUND…

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Dear Viktor,
    I have been following Let´s Adopt for the last five years and I always knew there was something very special about your work, but what you have been doing this past month is just unbelievable. What you and your surgeons achieve truly is unparallelled among rescue groups in this country.
    I´m in! Donated 30 to Michael! No more Starbucks for me this week, so what?

  • Their dog saves their home, and this is how they repay him? No medical attention for 2 months, and now they decided to have him put down? SHAME ON THEM!!!!!

  • I just donated for Michael’s surgery. Thank you for saving him. His former owners should be ashamed of themselves. Where is he located? How can I keep tabs on his recovery?

  • Donated $50., for Jackson. Sending prayers, for recovery, and a new for-ever home. His owners, were very heartless, to say the least. Thanks, Viktor, and your extreme rescue team. You people, rock.

  • I don’t understand people. I pray for a speedy recovery fo Michael. I’ve donated for him. Please keep me informed on his recovery. Such a beautiful baby. He deserves so much more. Prayers for him, you, and all the others you save…..

  • How could a family do this to one of their own… It breaks my heart. He was their baby, and they abandoned him to misery… Hes a beautiful dog. He looks like my own baby from years ago, Zak, which makes this story hurt even more. Please take care of him…

  • What an amazing dog…amazing vet…and an amazing Viktor. Thank you, all three of you. I just sent you donation. Thank you for all you do Viktor.

  • hi viktor, sending 10.00 usa to help michael i sure hope he pulls threw . thanks for saving so many animals . to many good innocent companions are killed all over the world everyday , i wish everyone had a heart like you. bless you all !! hang in there michael , sending you hugs and kisses from usa .

    • I was unable to donate anything except for prayers for Michael…Michael is one of the Lords own, and he will take care of him…as his humans refused to do so…my prayers also got out for you and your staff for doing all that you do…you make miracles…give Michael a bit hug and a ‘smoosh’ for me, ok???

  • Dear Victor,
    I am so grateful that there are people like you and your team to save those that can not save themselfs.
    My heart broke when I read Michaels story.
    How can anyone do harm to an animal or any other living creature on this earth?

    I am upset with the people who inflicted so much pain on Michael, but I am even more upset with Michaels family who let him suffer so much and rather had him killed than saved.

    I have 2 dogs, a golden Labrador and a Border Collie, they are our boys, they mean the world to my hubby, the children and I.
    I rather go without food than having my dogs suffer.
    I would walk on fire if that would mean they are save.

    God bless Victor and Team.

  • I know you are very busy it would be lovely to see a video of Michael after he was fixed and his leg is better. Its great to know he has a new home. Perhaps they would like to share a video of him with us. Well done Michael such a patient looking dog and completely clean teeth 😉 His new family will have his love for many years.

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