Extreme Rescue Cats

Look at what they did to GRACE.  THEY IMPALED HER!

Grace 1


GRACE never enjoyed the warmth and security of a loving home. She was the garden cat, going from home to home at different times, a bit of food from here, a bit of water there, some would ignore her, others would caress her. A good cat, but a street cat. Tolerated but watched from the distance. Never loved.

And then, one night, she didn´t show up for dinner.  She didn´t appear the following morning either.

For three days she was gone, until the fourth day someone found her hiding under some bushes in a nearby property.

Her injuries are horrific and man-made.  Someone impaled her with a metallic object. There is an entry and an exit point. Whoever did this missed her vital organs but the damage was done. Infection set in and spread like a living, breathing entity, eating baby Grace from within.


Grace 3


The people that found her took her to their local vet but they could quickly see they wouldn´t be able to treat it properly. Their vet advised them Grace should be euthanized. She is too far gone they said, infection is too spread, they said, and she is a homeless street cat anyway.

But before killing her, they tried one last desperate move, and they contacted us. A few minutes later Grace was arriving at our Hospital and rushed to the Intensive Care Unit.

We realize these images are hard to watch to those that don´t have a medical background, but we believe it´s important for all of you to see the extent of our work here. Please watch it… and while you do please focus on the positive; thanks to you Grace stands a chance.



Grace is an Extreme Rescue, a case rejected by everyone else… too complicated… too risky… too costly for what in the minds of many is JUST A STREET CAT.

Grace needs your help to pull through…

UPDATE 26 of July… 



HELP US CONTINUE RESCUE. PLEASE DONATE and help us saving more animals like Grace.


Many thanks!

Viktor Larkhill


P.S. After she is recovered Grace won´t go back to the streets. She is going to need an extraordinary family that loves her and accepts her as part of the family. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you are that family and tell me why you feel you would be a great option for Grace.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Dear Viktor, I have followed everyone of your rescues since our darling Tidus. Time after time you have defied the odds and offered me a completely new perspective of rescue. You have given me a new understanding of life and death.
    Last week I donated to Julian. I was jumping with excitement when I saw that he was making a recovery.
    I´m donating to Grace, and I pledge to always be there when you need me.

  • Dear Ivan/Viktor – these images are so hard to watch. You are right. But what do we do if we look away and don’t watch? We don’t know. If we don’t know how can we have an opinion? How can we help? I am so very glad you have taken Grace into your safe keeping. With you she will stand the very best chance of a full recovery. But more than that. She will have a home for the first time. My thoughts are with Grace, you and that amazing team of vets. I will donate in a minute. Thank you for never giving up.

  • Amazing video Viktor. Those vets never cease to amaze me……. thats 2 “amazes” in one paragraph.
    Grace is going to be AMAZING GRACE.
    Donation on its way.

  • Human cruelty is beyond my comprehension! It fills my heart with rage and hatred for the monsters who hurt innocent defenseless beings, and there is the kind loving people who work so hard to save the same innocent beings so cruelly hurt. Please, recover little Grace, you are in the best hands possible, no one will ever hurt you again baby girl. I will donate, I wish I could do more :( Thank you to the amazing team of doctors, and of course, to the man behind the rescues, Viktor.

  • I cannot get over how cruel people can be to animals that are so defenseless! Like Julian, I hope that Grace does not come down with tetanus I know that she is now in the best hands and the safest place. May God be with you all as you treat her injuries. As usual, my contribution is on the way.

  • Donated to Grace and before her to Julian.
    I wish with all my heart that I could do what you have for animals
    dedicating your life to them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the means by which more animals are saved and for giving me a chance to be part of that.

  • How can people be so evil to defenceless helpless creatures It makes my blood boil
    God bless you and thank you for helping her I do what i can as always and pray she gets better

  • Such appalling injuries on such a small beautiful cat. Yes, that video was hard to watch without the feeling of horror at what Grace has suffered. I look at her beautiful body savagely ripped open and wonder if she can ever recover from such a wound, but if the veterinarian team think she has a chance, then that’s good enough for me. You take the worst cases of neglect and abuse and somehow manage to turn their lives around. Thank you for being there Viktor. Thank you for caring. Donated and praying little Grace does indeed become an amazing Grace.

    • Thank you Sarah… that was exactly what I was thinking when I was there supervising it…
      But we did what we had to do, clean surgically, treat, drain, close… and hope for the best and the strength of this incredible cat to do the rest..

  • OMG Viktor. i dont understand the humanrace – why why?? why do this to a defenceless animal, i just can not imagine what this poor fur baby went through. I have 6 cats of my own and i foster for a cat charity.. Im sending a small donation, im sorry its not more.. I hope Gracie pulls through and find the loving home she deserves.. Well done agin to you and all your team.. xx

  • Donated, but didn’t watch the video. Today I have already donated for the cats (and dogs) in China, I read a story (and saw pictures) that will be carved in my mind forever. I can’t cope with more. Sorry it’s not much money, but so many groups desperately need help.
    All my love to little Grace.

    • Many thanks Renata… The moment Grace is doing better I won´t forget and I will will personally send you a video showing her recovery.

      • After all, this morning I watched the video. She looks exactly like my Niniane who died last year (on Friday it will be one year and one month ). She died at 15 of kidney failure leaving behind such emptiness. She was incredibly gentle as I am sure Grace is. It blows my mind how humans can do such things. It’s beyond me. Great admiration for you who have the courage to go through all this on a daily basis, and the vets of course, and all your team.
        There are really no words for human evil in so many different ways, farms animals (the cosmic number of deaths every day and their very short lives of absolute terror and pain), vivisection and all the other horrible things human has invented. We do really have a heavy karma indeed.
        I shall keep little Grace in my heart and send her Reiki.

  • Keep up the magnificent work you do. People like you draw the attention away from the bad things in life, when you show the results of the work you do, and we fund. You deserve a medal, Victor. You’re what the Germans call a ‘mensch’, a modern day hero, and someone should give you an award of some sort to recognise your good work. In the meantime, I’m sure there are many people like me willing to help cover the costs of these rescues, for nothing more in the way of reward than the feeling of having done something good, and seeing the ‘after’ images of success, or on the few occasions, the feeling of knowing that an injured/neglected animal saw that people weren’t all bad, and tried their best to help, and passed from this world surrounded by kindness, and care at the premature end. Take care of Grace, and show her that people can be wonderful, now that she’s found some good ones to take care of her.

    • Many thanks David… that was beautiful of you to say…
      Thank you for being there, and welcome to this small rescue that does great things.. :-)

  • I am so very glad you’re still there for the rejected and the hopeless . Without you the world , especially for animals , would be a poorer place . I am with you in this spiritually and morally , and if/when our situation picks up will be sending donations . I’m sending prayers and good wishes to poor little Grace , in your capable hands she stands a good chance . Get well soon XXXX

  • I donated and continue to send prayers and positive thinkings for this beautiful Grace. Thank you to you to help her.

  • I donated $20 for Grace’s medical expenses. You do such fantastic work. Thank you for giving a damn about the forgotten and abused animals.

  • Man keeps surprising me with the horror inflicted on innocent creatures. the pain this baby must have been in. but as bad as those humans are, you and your team Viktor cancel them out.. To even take on some of these cases is to be applauded. you truly have a gift, with your hands and with your heart..donating small amount for Gracie as i did for Julian and a few others..Thank you and your team…

  • Dear Ivan/Viktor,
    Donation is on its way. Thank you are the only words I can come up with.
    Go lovely girl!

  • what a wonderful team… the caring and compassionate treatment – how skilled they are! thank you so much for caring xx

  • Thank you so much for bringing light and caring to the world. There are so many horror stories, but these animals that are helped by you and your team of extraordinary humans bring a bit of joy back to us. Thank you so much Viktor – you have no idea how many lives you touch and uplift with your caring and compassion.

  • I wish I was wealthy so I could donate more, but until I am, here is 10 bucks, and heartfelt thank you for the work you do. You make the world a better place and there is nothing more priceless (and needed!) than that.


  • this is heartbreaking thank you so much Viktor for caring so much about all these animals and never ever giving up and for giving the voiceless a voice with your kindness and compassion .

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