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Kitty Carlos: They set the dogs on him but they couldn´t kill him


An urgent call for help.

A group of youngsters accompanied by their dogs gather in a circle at empty construction site. The teens shout in excitement. In the middle of the circle, a kitty tied to the floor with a rope fights for his life.

By the time help arrived and he was freed it was too late for Carlos. His tiny body had been ravaged by sharp, crushing teeth. He put a brave fight, and that probably saved his life, but his hip and legs were shattered.

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His legs are punctured, open injuries exposing the bones, surrounding tissue infected and beginning to develop nechrosis.

The attack happened two days ago… he was kept in a carton box, unassisted until today.

Please help us save Carlos… right now the focus is to balance his blood levels, to improve his anemia and his condition so that he can go into surgery without risk. After we have achieved this we will start by fixing the hip fracture…

Carlos went through one of the most stressful situations a little cat can endure, a brutal and relentless attack, and he survived. He deserves every bit of help we can give him!


UPDATE June 30


Carlos the kitty was used as dog bait, and the result was catastrophic. He had injuries on his legs and his hip was broken in multiple points. He couldn´t be operated immediately because in this condition he wouldn´t have been able to go through anaesthesia, so he had to wait 48 hours to be operated.

I will upload a video of this surgery this evening, for now this is the result… Thank you to our surgeon for what is, without a doubt, an outstanding job in trauma surgery!!!!




P.S. After his treatment and surgeries are over Carlos is going to need an extraordinary family that loves him forever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Viktor
    I adopted Mr. Spock ago from a kill-shelter. He was abused and it took me years and many thousands of dollars to repair what others had done to him.
    He lived a full life, and died surrounded by those that loved him.
    In his name, I am contributing $50 towards Kitty Carlos treatment.
    Carlos, you are not alone!

  • OMG, what the hell is wrong with kids and teens now a days that they enjoy torturing animals???? Poor Kitty Carlos!!! Who kept him in a box for 2 days, was it the teens? How was he rescued? Obviously he was saved by an angel!!! God bless you little Kitty Carlos. You are a brave little kitten. I am praying for you! I hope these teens were arrested for their cruelty! This is sick!!!

  • Will the authorities proceed to prosecute the young men who abused Carlos???!!! If not, then there’s something wrong with your Animal Rights.
    Saving these animals who are abused is one thing. Go after the “animals” who abused them is also very, very important!!! It is a known fact that people who abuse animals will also abuse humans! This has to STOP!!

  • I sent donation just now. My heart hurts even at the thought of how someone can do this. And what this world is going towards with people like these. My heart hurts just to think what this kitty went through. Where is Carlos? What part of the world? Praying for Carlos, and praying for the human spirit to rise and truly be humane.

  • Thanks for helping him guys. I’ve made a small donation for this little guy too. should we note down who we donated for? I always forget to mention about that. It doesnt matter for me I know the donation is going to help this kitty or another poor paw. Just asking.

    • Dear Batuhan… many thanks for your help to carlos. No.. no need to note who you donate two for two reasons:
      1. each animal has its own indidividual paypal link so we know what is for whom, but most importantly, 2. whatever people donate goes to a common fund and from there all bills are paid. Every animal is treated exactly the same regardless of wether we raise what he needs or not… every animal has full chances regardless wether he is fully funded or not..

  • “The more I know about people, the better I like my dog” – Mark Twain

    Poor little kitty cat. Honestly people are horrible.


  • This is horrible. These are the kinds of children that grow up to be murders or will brutalize other children some day. This poor little kitty. I sent a donation and hope to read a good report on him later!

  • Dear Viktor,
    I was so heartbroken when I learned of the abuse thrown upon Carlos. I don’t have a lot of money but I gave what I could afford for his care. Please keep us updated on his situation and could you update us on the animals you have rescued so far this month(June) ? Thank You for your dedication to helping those who can not help themselves.

    • Dearest Judith, many thanks for being there for our animals.
      Please visit and LIKE our page: https://www.facebook.com/ViktorLarkhillOfficial
      Over there you will see updates on all the animals we´ve rescued this month… We update regularly during the week as progress worth reporting takes place.
      In any case, very quickly:
      1. Julian is running around like a puppy. His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.
      2. Grace is nearly completely recovered at a foster home. She has been adopted and is waiting for the right moment to go home.
      2. Frida, the blind kitty thrown into a garbage can lost an eye and the vision on the other one but she´s doing great and has been adopted, waiting to go home.
      3. Jackson has gone from paralysed to running and jumping like the wind. He´s staying with a foster home and looking for a home.
      4. Chuck continues at the hospital, he´s doing incredibly well and his injury is closing nicely. We will have an update on him during the weekend. He´s looking for a home.
      5. Henry now Henriette is completely recovered and yesterday she tried to eat my ear :-). She has been adopted and is ready to go home.
      6. Michael surgery was a success and he´s recovering very nicely. We are dealing with a small skin infection but he´s moving along very nicely. There will be an update on him very soon. Another one that will run like the wind … He is still looking for a home.
      7. Angelina was operated and he´s on rehabilitation. She now steps on her leg again. There will be an update on her this evening. She is still looking for a home.
      … and now Kitty Carlos…
      Those are our public cases but behind that long list we´ve rescued and helped many many more…
      welcome to to our rescue, welcome home… :-)

  • VIKTOR , Hello .

    I donated $20.00 for Kitty Carlos .
    I know he is in good hands .
    If he can fight so hard to LIVE :
    I can surely fight with him.
    I expect my divorce settlement any day and can help
    more with THE CAUSE . I live in las Vegas , NV and if I hit
    it BIG you will hit it big.
    My neighbor won 8 million $$ last week.
    GOD’s will be done.
    Keep up the good work .

    susan parrish
    – gordon

  • Hi Viktor. Just donated for kitty Carlos awwww such a sweet pussy. Where did this horrific attack take place? I wish I could grab those teenagers & give them a beating. Poor little kitty Carlos. Give him a hug from me when he’s well enough.

  • At least little Carlos can see that not all of us ‘big folks’ are monsters. He’s fortunate now that he found you, Victor, and will be taken care of. Donation sent to help him. Be strong, little one, and a good home shall be sought for you, enabling you to live life in comfort with far nicer people than you knew before. If only my landlord allowed pets.

  • These “teens” need a lesson of their own. Get them, hold them down with ropes and then let the same dogs on them. See how they like it..I know that you will but for what is worth don’t let him from your side. Donation on the way. Thank you Viktor for been there. If I ever retire will be only for devoting my life to save animals just like Carlos. Hold him tight for me, will you please ?

  • I just donated for this fur baby. It never fails to make cry, out of sadness for the creature abused and anger at the abusers. His cries broke my heart :( I know you and your amazing team are the best, and I have no doubt sweet Carlos will be OK. Gracias por existir Viktor, por todo lo que haces, mil gracias.

  • Them bastard kids! How can something like this be fun? To inflict pain on an innocent animal & hear them screaming in pain. I will never understand humans.

  • I love animals and hope this poor little kitty survives what’s wrong with the world now 2 years ago I adopted a cat he was very sick we had to take him to the vet almost every day one day I woke up about to give him his medication then I found him under my bed he had died during the night so I pray and hope this cat has a nice home to live his life in to experience a real family and love .

  • I stumbled on this website a few days ago. I can’t begin to express the amount of anger and sadness I experience from reading these stories. You are doing such an extraordinary thing by helping these poor animals. My poor Max, a sweet and shy 5 year old cat was abandoned by his owners with an untreated back injury. Now with a lot of love, good food, and proper treatment, he is sleeping on the sofa next to me without a care in the world. I just made a donation for poor Carlos. Keep doing what you are doing.

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