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His name is Henry, and he will die today… unless…



To most, people a tiny black kitty means nothing… he is nothing, matters nothing.


Our clinic called me this morning with an emergency. A couple of tourist have found this little kitty desperately trying to catch some air, unable to breath. They took him to the hospital inmediately, but not to heal him or save his life, no… they wanted to have him euthanised.

I asked my vet to put those people on the phone, and they repeated the same thing. They didn´t know why he was struggling to breathe so the best thing for him is to be euthanised. The vet told them he needed to take an X-ray but they refused. They were on holiday and they didn´t want to get involved in the expense of rescuing a kitty while on holiday! The kitty is suffering and he has no family so he will be happier if they kill him. Death is the best option for him, they said.

I couldn´t believe how cold blooded, and determined those people were, so I left everything and rushed to the clinic, where I met this beautiful little Kitty, gasping for air. I called him Little Henry.

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I introduced myself and they told me they were the people responsible for Henry. I clenched my teeth, thanked them for their kindness and told them from that moment on I would like to take over, save his life and take care of his expenses and rehoming.

They sounded relieved and left… I´ll never know if relieved of not having to kill him, or relieved of not having to pay the bill.

This is Little Henry right now… His lungs are full of fluid. He has pneumonia. This is an unedited video. It´s the raw suffering of a dying kitty. A death that can be avoided.



We can do this… I know we can… Help us save Little Henry. Please Donate towards Henry´s treatment… Help us save his life. 


P.S. After he is fully recovered Little Henry is going to need an extraordinary family that loves him forever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you are that family.

P.S. Follow our work at Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue


  • Watching Little Henry gasping for air just killed me.
    I want that kitty to be alright. Please, please, stop at nothing. Save him.
    I´m chipping in 40 for Little Henry.
    Thank you for being you.

  • Donated $ 40.00 to help ‘Little Henry’. Poor little guy! How sad! Hope he pulls through. If he does it will be due to your great kindness in saving him. Sending blessings!

  • So, they wanted to euthanize him ? Don’t think so, not this now or ever. I wish I had millions my dear friend and save every single helpless creature. But I don’t. So please accept my small donation and do what you do best: save him, please.

    • Thank you Dimitris… thank you for your help and your encouragement…
      Just left him at the clinic, seemed rested, receiving oxygen on the oxygen chamber. It´s going to be a very difficult night for him… But he´s not alone. Not now, not ever…

  • Viktor, about 4 years ago, I had a friend who had just gotten a little kitty. Her children were throwing her back and forth like a ball, and whipping it around by her tail. I asked her if I could take the kitty, and she said yes, she didn’t really want it. When I finally got her in my arms, she was sick like Little Henry. And so scared, and shivering as if she were cold. I took her to my vet, and sure enough she had pneumonia. With her help, anti-biotics and oxygen, she slowly got better. I named her Elsie. I brought her home to live with me and my other kitties. She has stayed small, just barely 5 pounds, but what a wonderful kitty she has been. I lost my husband 6 years ago, so she filled a void in my life. I just love her to pieces. Im sure had she stayed with my “friend”, she would have died. Anyway, so Elsie and I have decided to send you a donation to help Little Henry. I know he can make it with proper treatment. Thanks for all you do. Love, Nancy

    • Dear Nancy and Elsie,
      Many thanks for sharing your story with me. Elsie, I´m very glad you made it and went on to support Nancy and becoming a cornerstone of her life.
      Thank you to both… I will make sure Little Henry has every single chance to succeed in life, like Elsie did…

  • Watching Little Henry’s Video just broke my heart. How could someone think his life is not worth to fight for?! I hope my small donation will help. Do what you do best and save this little brave little cat! Greetings from Germany and thank you Viktor!

  • Although the people that found Little Henry wanted to euthanize him ( they probably weren’t aware of your organization and what you could do for him) at least they did the humane thing and brought him to a vet. Most people would have just walked past the poor little thing. Do all you can for the little guy. I am donating to help with the cost of his care. My prayers are that he will pull through.

  • Thank you for continuing the journey – I am with you all the way. I donate on every animal you post xxx Love you

  • Thank you to take care of this so sweet baby, dear Viktor. I donated and shared on Facebook. Best luck ever !!!

  • Little Henry, you are so precious. Will try to donate as soon as possible. Hope you recover soon. Love <3

  • Hello Viktor,

    many thanks for helping Henry! I really want to know if his fight was succesfully. Can you tell me something? Thanks in advance!


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