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We are at a crossroads


JOIN ME:  Viktor Larkhill, Extreme Rescue

We are at a crossroads. Seven years ago I had a dream. I dreamt of a group of people around the world working together giving second chances to those that had none. No matter where. That dream needed a name. I called it Let´s Adopt.

For the past seven years and under my guidance we have rescued animals in five continents and in the most difficult conditions imaginable. We did this with courage, compassion and with a firm belief in modern science.

You and I created heroes… Axel, Michele, Tara, Rockett, Biscuit, Magnus. Unforgettable names that have inspired an army of supporters around the world.

But with growth came differences of opinion, personal interests, we became political and for a second, merely a tiny blip in our history, we lost our heart and soul.

This is why we are here today. A month ago I had to take one of the most painful decisions of my life. To wish good luck to those that believed Let´s Adopt should continue a more convenient path, and leave behind the rescue I built, a place I couldn´t call home anymore, in order to continue THE LET´S ADOPT JOURNEY.

YOU AND I, TOGETHER built something extraordinary and nothing is going to get in our way, because that unique connection we share is the essence of Let´s Adopt greatness.

Today I want to look you all in the eye and ask you, LET´S CONTINUE WRITING RESCUE HISTORY.

We are at a crossroads… JOIN ME.

For the animals.

Viktor Larkhill




  • Viktor you are appreciated all around the world Whether you are with Lets Adopt Global or not You have given wonderful kind loving care for hundreds of hurting and abused animals I give support when i can but i know if i ever win the lottery you will be one of the places i will send a generous support along with Soi Dog Foundation and ASPCA Thank you again for everything Faith

    • Thank you Faith… I wish nothing but the best to my friends at Let´s Adopt. A great international team dedicated to saving lives around the world. I hope they´ll be able to take the organisation to great heights.
      In the meantime here I´ll be… :-)

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