Extreme Rescue Dogs, Trauma surgery

Help us save Julian, shot at close range. Completely destroyed.



I received a telephone call… voices shouting, the dog has a terrible injury they say. I ask again, I need some details. The caller can’t speak through the tears.

I jump in the car and drive towards a remote location on the hills, and then I see him. Tied to a tree, whimpering and clearly in shock, a woman sits right beside him, crying. She has already given him a name.. Julian.

Julian can barely move, from his chest hang the remains of what was once his left leg. The tissue is rotten, bones are exposed and detached from the flesh and hang connected to the body only by a dried up strip of dead skin and fat covered in mud.



He looks at me straight in the eye. I´m trying to look for an explanation for his brutal injury, it could have been a trap, but then I realise there are several strips of metal protruding from his body. Julian was shot at close range, the killer was aiming for the heart.

Julian must have spent over a week roaming through the fields trying to keep his mind away from the pain, trying in vain to find something to eat and drink. By the time he laid down under that tree he had given up and was ready to die.

In shock, Julian didn´t make a sound during the drive to the hospital.  Right now the priority is to stabilise him, to improve his anemia levels and control the infection that is quickly spreading through his body and sending him into violent convulsions.

Please watch this video, see the horror Julian is going through.


UPDATE 27 MAY:   JULIAN´S CONDITION IS CRITICAL. He is in intensive care around the clock. His bloodtest is absolutely terrible. His levels of anemia means it´s impossible for him to be sedated to perform deeper cures. JULIAN IS EXPERIENCING MUSCLE SPAMS.

Julian´s body is completely rigid, like a stone,  
differential diagnosis indicate he is affected by TETANUS.



Julian is an Extreme Rescue, to save him we are going to need the work of an extraordinary medical team and the support of our incredible rescue community.

Julian won´t survive without you.

Please, if you can, Please DONATE and help us save his life.

Update: Julian continues his fight against tetanus. He, without a doubt, one of the bravest dogs we´ve ever met…

UPDATE 29 of June

Weeks ago I made a promise. I promised you we would do everything within our power to give Julian the life he deserved. To help Julian smile, love and RUN again…

This is us fulfilling a promise. THIS IS US GIVING JULIAN WINGS!


Update 30th August…

And this is how an story ends and a new one begins…  Long life JULIAN THE GREAT!!!


and this is just the beginning…

Our work never ends… Help us continue rescuing other animals like Julian. Please DONATE to our Rescue Fund…

Many thanks!

Viktor Larkhill


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    Viktor, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to see the animals haven´t lost you. You have always worked for them. I am absolutely in tears to see you are back, and with a case like Julian´s.
    We are all right behind you!
    DONATED TO JULIAN!!! If there is anyone in the world capable of saving him this is us!

  • I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see you are back UNBEATEN Viktor. VIKTORIOUS!!!!! I cannot wait to see yur next stage and to be part of your rescue again. THANK YOU so much for not giving up. I will start up my monthly donations again with joy in my heart and absolute trust in you and what you do.

    • Thank you Kim!… it has been a very difficult time, I know many animals suffered because of my absence, but we are back, and back for good…

  • So glad to see that you’re back, Viktor!
    With your support Julian will recover and forget the hell he had to go through! A new aera begins and it will be a great success! Thank You Viktor for not giving up!!!

  • So happy to see you continuing your work. The animals need you! Donated. I’ve never seen a case like this,
    absolutely disgraceful that Julian has suffered so much. I will be watching for his updates and thinking of
    him in my dreams.

  • Glad to see you back Viktor. Will donate to help as soon as my payday, tomorrow and will share on facebook. So how can we find out about your new group and what you do now?

  • Estoy llorando, no hay dia que no vea cosas horribles cometidas contra los animales, pero cada caso me parte el corazon. Te sigo desde que rescataste a Tidus, he visto cuanto has hecho, y espero de todo corazon que Julian se salve, mi pequenito, que maldito HDP le hizo eso! Enviare un poco para su recuperacion. Tanto caso no hay suficiente dinero para ayudar. Aunque poco de algo servira. Gracias Ivan, sos un gran hombre.

    • Muchisimas gracias Lorena… te prometo que vamos a hacer todo lo posible. Por el momento los síntomas que tiene indican un posible tétanos. Esta es una enfermedad horrible pero te juro que no le va a faltar de nada. Si quiere vivir y lucha por ello no le va a faltar ayuda.

    • Many thanks Nancy. I don´t know what will happen, but I can promise you he´ll have the most devoted team by his side.

  • Hoorah – the pheonix is rising!
    Welcome back Viktor. Hello Julian – you are in the hands of the best. Good dog.

  • im so sad for this boy..its heart wrenching..thank-you for saving him ..I made a donation every little helps x

  • Viktor (Ivan) Thank you so much for saving this poor boy. The perpetrators should be found and disgraced in front of all those who care about Julian.
    I have donated and hope that it helps towards all the work you and your team are doing.
    Thank you again.

    • Many thanks Sema.. how I wished we could find those people..
      but one thing we can do is give Julian his life back…
      Thank you for your help, he will make you proud.

  • this is the worst case of animal abuse i have cried for this dog to see him in so much pain breaks my heartcannot donate as i dont work now but will keep an update on how he is doing my heart goes out to you for saving his life and for all the other animals you save

  • Just heartbreaking to see how much evil is in this world. The cruelty to animals is out of control. Poor Julian…I cant imagine how much suffering he has lived with. God bless the lady who found him, and the wonderful staff at the vet clinic, taking such wonderful care of him.

  • I cannot donate right now as I am on medical leave myself. I will as soon as I can though!!!! In the meantime
    prayers, prayers and more prayers for this precious dog!!!! Hang in there, Julian. God will heal you and give you a wonderful life and forever home, despite this horrific act against you. Thank you all for helping him and to the kind lady who made the initial call. Julian surely would have died without her. Please keep us posted on the healing process of this beautiful pup. I’ll send money as soon as I can. HUGS Julian!!!!!! xoxoxo

  • Hi Viktor…… as promised donations will still come :) as soon as I am home tonight a donation will be on its way :) thank you for saving Julian, what a brave guy he is to keep going as long as he could and Bless this true hearted women for finding and helping him…….. shared with all my fbook donation/adoption groups (as I always do)

    Gary :)

  • Hi Victor, glad you have made contact…..and so pleased you are back…I will be donating to you as usual, but this month is hard for me as I am a pensioner…but will be donating to help Julian asap…once again so pleased you are back to continue the work you started…..don’t ever let any take it away from you again….we are with you Victor….welcome back..

    • Many thanks Toni… Please don´t worry, take care of yourself and come back whenever you are more comfortable.
      It´s wonderful to be back.

  • Donated……………… poor Julian, I hope he pulls through, brave guy……

    Well done Viktor, the team and Julians savior who found him. Praying for you all.

  • I am so glad Julian is being taken care by you and your team. I know you all will do the best to save his life, my prayers for this little boy, may God send over him a poweful healing touch through the hands of the Doctors treating him. On his way my wishes for a Swift and complete recovery for this sweet soul. Donated!

  • Thank you for doing what you do! I donated a little (what could). I hope he pulls through! Give him a treat and a belly rub for me!

  • Thanks you Viktor for being there for those poor hurt dogs…..have donated to Julian and I sincerely hope he will get better soon..

  • Thank you for all you do, I only wish I could give more. I pray you can save Julian,
    Many Blessings Sam

    • Donated some money for Julian and send prayers and healing his way. How is it possible to keep faith in humanity when faced with attrocities like this? Poor baby, I hope you will save him like you saved my sweet Tommy. Is Julian Ibizan Podenco like Tommy?

      • Dearest Anna… Yes.. Julian is an Ibizan Podenco like Tommy… very similar characters as well…
        I really CANT WAIT to see him standing up and wagging that tail….
        Love to the three of you.

  • VIKTOR , I sent $20.00 to Julian. I wish it were more.
    I should have more money in the near future.
    Thank you for your hard work.
    I wish i could adopt but I have 2 very old cats
    and they accept no animals not even each other.
    I despise the folks writing hateful things about you.
    please never forget they said awful things about Jesus CHrist
    and GHANDI and etc.


  • I shared Julian’s story on my blog (angelsbark.wordpress.com). Has Julian been adopted yet?? He’s such a special dog. His eyes say so much! Bless you for helping him!!

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