Our History

Who is Viktor Larkhill?



My real name is Ivan, not Viktor… the name was inspired by one of my favourite graphic novels, Allan Moore’s V for Vendetta. I would recommend everyone to read it, or to watch the 2005 movie if you want to understand why that name was chosen.

Everything started on the 8 of January, 2008.

A cold winter evening. The kind of drizzly rain that soaks you through the bone. I am standing at the door of a veterinarian clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Behind those doors, upstairs, in a small operation room lies the dead body of my beloved dog. Simba.

The fire and anger that boils within me doesn´t allow me to feel the cold.

Simba deserved better.

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The following morning I started a journey that would change the world for thousands of animals, and their people. If you are reading this, chances are my journey has also become yours.

Seven years dedicated to save lives and build connections all over the world.

Extreme Rescue

In those days I needed a motto that described our promise: Saving Animals, Inspiring Humans. My motto and my promise will forever engraved within Let´s Adopt.

Today, as we switch gears we change those words and I add to this promise: Extreme Rescue.

Extreme because we will go to to the furthest corners of the world to save a life.
Extreme because we will use nothing but the latest advances in veterinary medicine, pushing the boundaries of what can be done.

Extreme, because we live in an extreme world.



  • Beautifully said and beautifully done. Sometimes people struggle to believe and interpret what they see with their own eyes, but it is hard to deny the “humanity” if we can use the word constructively, of the faces you reach out to or the grace you offer them in going to the edges of the possible to provide salvation and an honorable future. It is a lesson to have been able to observe it in the past and I am glad you have chosen not to compromise your extreme and unique commitment.

  • So few of us take action. We say we are sorry. We send our good wishes for a speedy recovery. We even say how we would have done things differently. BUT here is one who stood up and decided to TAKE ACTION. Viktor Larkhill has become one of the world’s foremost rescuers. I am SO PROUD to be associated with you Viktor/Ivan. Your passion is evident through every word on every page you write. Your community awaits this next stage and is ready to support you. Let’s go do this!

  • I have followed you for less than one year and I am amazed by your honor, dedication and your creation in this world. You are Gods Angel and I know by the work you have done you were created by the heavens and have been given a gift. I want to f2f donate but cannot find where on any website. Please help me find out how. Thank you and may your life be rich with a all good things in life because your life has much purpose. Sincerely roseanne Gianno

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